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What do you need to work in a medical spa?

If you are not sure what a medical spa is then it is maybe best described as a day spa but with medical procedures available that normally would be performed in a doctor’s office.

The rise in popularity in med spas is down to them being able to offer a friendly, relaxed atmosphere more akin to a visit to a day spa than a hospital or clinic. Although they are not quite as relaxing as a few hours being pampered in a day spa they offer a preferable alternative to a visit to a doctor.

Med spas offer a range of treatments and procedures and because they are able to do things that day spas cannot they also need different licensing and qualifications.

These types of spas have been around for over twenty years and the industry they belong to generates billions of dollars every year. They can also be seen as an attractive place to work. Spa staff need to have certain qualities depending on their roles and it should be remembered this is a customer facing business and the client should leave feeling happy with their experience.

Spas will look for outgoing people to work on reception and will want to hire staff that look forward to going to work so that feeling rubs off on others including the clients. Part of the staff’s job will be to create a welcoming atmosphere. Having a friendly assistant to greet a client and show them to the waiting area and provide refreshments is ideal.

Perhaps you feel that a med spa is the place to work for you. What qualifications do you need to work in one? This would depend very much on the position you are aiming for. 

Legislation for med spas

Regulations for running medical spas will differ from state to state and in other countries. For owners the rules are very strict and for some staff roles less so. There are many roles in a med spa and some will require licenses and qualifications and others won’t. Check on the local laws and legislations for med spas for up to date information. 

The roles available vary greatly. Here are some of them along with what you need to work in a medical spa.

Spa Manager or Assistant Manager

This role does not require any medical qualifications but experience of managing a team would be a plus. The manager needs to oversee all aspects of the med spa and manage all the staff. Although no formal or medical education is needed you will often find that a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management or Hospitality is expected. A spa manager must also understand and stay up to date with all the local health and licensing regulations. 

Sales Representative and Front Receptionist

This is another role that requires no medical qualifications or any formal education. What is needed is a great attitude and an ability to put clients at ease. You will need to be able to be friendly and welcoming even when it is the last thing you want to do. You are likely to be the first person that a client meets and first impressions count.

Your duties will likely be to greet the clients as they arrive at the spa and then take them to the waiting area. You should engage the clients where it is appropriate, offer and provide refreshments and answer any questions the client asks. You will also be answering the phone and making appointments. Your role is likely going to include selling any products that the spa offers in reception also. 

Medical Esthetician

To be a qualified esthetician takes time and schooling. Unlike being a manager or receptionist this is one of the positions where you will need licensing, qualifications and training before you are able to carry out procedures.

Firstly you would need to attend Esthetician School. The course should be finished within about six months and takes around 600-750 hours to complete. Once you have completed the schooling you will want to obtain a medical esthetician’s licence. To obtain this you will need to pass the State Board Exam which is made up from written and practical parts. Both of these parts need to be passed.

After you have your license you can then look for entry level medical esthetician jobs. There will be some more training before you are let loose on patients but once completed you will be able to provide many procedures. These include botox, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, laser hair removal and fillers. 

Medical Spa Nurse

Being a medical spa nurse requires more work than becoming an esthetician. First you will need to pass and obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from a Nursing School. This can be very hard to obtain and takes a few years. Once you have your degree then you can receive your RN or Registered Nurse licence. Even after gaining these you may still need further education before being able to perform certain procedures. After this you can apply to work in places such as Ethos Spa or other medical spas.

The duties for this role would be to provide certain beauty and esthetician procedures such as skin treatments, facilitating care for post op patients, scheduling appointments and assisting with medical procedures. A medical spa nurse is able to take on esthetician duties but the reverse is not true as estheticians do not hold a Registered Nurse licence. 

Plastic Surgeon

If you want to be a plastic surgeon working independently then you better plan ahead and work very hard. Before someone can become a fully qualified plastic surgeon and practice they will have to spend around 14 years studying and gaining experience. 


All med spas must have a physician associated with the practice and be a major shareholder. This position also takes many years of schooling before becoming qualified. You would have to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree, pass the MCAT exam, attend medical school for 4 years, pass the United States Medical Licensing Exam, take up a residency, earn board certifications and finally get a state license. Phew! 


A med spa can be a fun and interesting place to work. Depending on where you are aiming at with your career you may be able to get into full time employment with just your personality and attitude if you are aiming for reception or assistant manager roles. Otherwise you will have to consider where you want to work and undertake the necessary education.

Three Ways to Keep WildLife Away From Your House

Keeping wildlife far away from your home is extremely important these days. Nobody wants to wake up to chewed plants in the garden, damaged furniture, and clothes. Wildlife, such as squirrels and raccoons, damage your property to a great extent. As a result of houses being constructed even in remote areas, house owners are facing an increased invasion of their property by the wildlife. This issue needs to be addressed urgently; otherwise, the raccoons and squirrels would increase in number and cause further problems for you as it’s always better to deal with the problem at an early age. You can contact Wildlife, Inc to come over and deal with the wildlife invasion problem.

If you have started noticing squeaky noises in the middle of the night, droppings at different places, and your furniture damaged, then my friend, your house has been invaded by wildlife. You should immediately plan to do something about the problem and contact a wildlife control company at your earliest. The squirrel removing company in denver is the best one when it comes to freeing your house from squirrels and other wildlife. 

Getting help from a wildlife removing company is a must; however, there are some things that you can do yourself to make a contribution from your side to keep wildlife away from your property. 

Secure Your Garbage

Garbage is one of the first things that wildlife gets attracted to. If your house has already been invaded by wildlife, such as raccoons, etc., you may notice the garbage strewn all over the ground early in the morning. These creatures search for food in the garbage when no one is around. You need to secure your garbage first by putting a heavy brick or stone on the top of the lid of the garbage can. If you have plastic bags to store garbage in, let it be clear that they aren’t safe and can easily be destroyed by the raccoons. You need to use a heavy-duty plastic garbage carrier to make sure that no creature gets in. Make sure that your garbage doesn’t have any smell around it, as it attracts wildlife. 

Seal Holes

Holes are the homes of these little creatures. If you come across any holes in the walls or in the remote areas of your house, immediately seal them. You can use paper to fill up the holes with, or you can tape them up. Holes will prevent these creatures from getting inside the house. You can also make use of cement to permanently seal a hole.

Don’t Invite Them to Drink

Bowels of water left outside are a crystal clear invitation for these creatures to get into your property. Many people leave bird bowls outside their house, but little do they know that they are basically inviting many other wildlife creatures up for a drink. This will make them visit your house more often, and if they get a single chance to break inside, then Whoosh! Your workload has increased!

PCB designing process:How a PCB is made?

Printed Circuit Board, more commonly known as a PCB, is a piece of board which contains electronic circuitry of an electronic device. The PCB is fabricated from a conductive material, such as copper, with lamination on it. By compressing components on a board, a PCB saves space on an electronic device.

PCB designing is an essential step in the manufacturing of a device. PCB design companies hire a PCB designer for the sole purpose of designing the layout of a circuit using computer software. There are many PCB design software for commercial use. 

How is a PCB made?

Designing a circuit using Circuit Schematic and Hardware

Before going to the hardware, you need to design a circuit on the software. In addition to this, you should simulate it. In this stage, you can tweak some components to achieve the desired response. PSPICE, Proteus, and SIMULINK are some of the oft-used circuit simulation software in the industry. Proteus also provides the PCB layout of the circuit.

After this, you can test the circuit using hardware components on a breadboard. It ensures that the hardware produces the desired response as well. This step also perfects your design. Designing an electrical circuit is an iterative process, and it may require several tries before you can perfect it.

Determine PCB design constraints

Before you can begin designing the PCB layout, you need to determine the design constraints. For instance, you may have space restrictions, a specific number of PCB layers, etc. Also, get a rough idea about the component placement on the board. In addition to this, determine the components that you will use on the PCB. Refer to the datasheet of the electrical components.

PCB design

Simulation software, such as Proteus and Eagle, provides PCB layout as well. When you make a circuit schematic on software, it automatically places the components on a PCB. However, you can also make the PCB layout manually. On software, a Gerber file stores the PCB layout. Once you are satisfied with the PCB layout, you need to print it.

Printing a PCB

The PCB layout is printed on a photo-sensitive laminated sheet through a process called etching. There are various methods for etching, including chemical etching, which this article discusses. A bare PCB, without any circuit design, is made up of copper. The laminated sheet and the board are aligned and are exposed to UV light. It forms a layout on the PCB and covers the area which does not need removing in the etching process. The board is put in a ferric chloride solution to cover the unwanted copper with a layer of insulation. The board is submerged in a solution to remove the photoresist.

Drill holes to attach the electrical components on the PCB.


Test the PCB before printing.


When hiring a professional for electrical engineering design, you need to make sure about the experience level and skill set of the team. A lot of things can go wrong when designing a PCB. Hence, make sure that the PCB designer is detail-oriented.

A Sigh of Relief: 7 Herbs and Spices With Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Relief can be found with some of the most common herbs and spices in your grocery store. These remedies have been around for years, and have a strong track record of getting the job done. Cannabigerol is one of those natural elements that work hard to relieve inflammation and pain in troublesome areas. To improve your body’s natural response to inflammation, try any of these seven herbs and spices. 

1. Maritime Pine Bark

Also known as Pennogenyl, this is a spice that comes from the bark of a maritime pine tree. It has been used for over 2,000 years, and is a remedy to get rid of inflammation. You don’t need a lot to enjoy its benefits, as normal doses never go over 200 mg a day. 

2. Turmeric

Most people familiar with turmeric use it in curries or hearty stews. Beyond the kitchen, turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties that can be found in its yellow pigment. Turmeric is a terrific antioxidant, and can be used to offset changes in diet. Supplements using turmeric are plentiful, but users should stick to well-known brands. 

3. Frankincense

Incense and candles have made frankincense a popular household name. Frankincense is the resin from a native India tree variety known as Boswellia. Even in modern times, frankincense is used to treat inflammation and joint disorders. The recommended dosage of the herb should never exceed more than 1500 mg per day. 

4. Green Tea

Green tea is probably the most well-known antioxidant in the world. It has been a key ingredient in several skin creams, diets, pills and drinking teas. If you don’t like the taste of green tea, quick dissolving pills are available. Buyers can even get green tea in a tasteless powder form to add to your favorite drink or meal. 

5. Chili Peppers

This is probably the most surprising spice on the list. The very thing that makes chili peppers spicy (capsaicin) is exactly what you need to fight inflammation. For obvious reasons, restraint and common sense is needed when using chili peppers. Plenty of people have negative reactions to spicy foods, but there is nothing wrong with moderation. If it proves too spicy in small doses, pills are available that contain all of its benefits without any of the spiciness. 

6. Resveratrol

You don’t hear much about resveratrol, with the name itself making it sounds like medicine. That isn’t too far from the truth, as the herb is an antioxidant found in many plants. If you like red wine grapes, then a high amount of resveratrol can be found on the skin. 

7. White Willow Bark

Since Egyptian and Roman times, white willow bark has been a solid choice to fight inflammation. It is similar to aspirin, but lacks many of its nasty side effects. A dosage that doesn’t exceed 240 mg is recommended, and should be more than enough to fight discomfort. 

Wrap Up

Don’t let modern stress sneak up on you without a way to fight back. Natural remedies are a helpful addition to your home that can be used for multiple purposes. Before common issues become chronic, remove them from your life in the most efficient way possible.

OnlyFans Tips You Need to Use Today

OnlyFans is a social media platform that lets you earn money through subscriptions. You create content for your fans, and your fans pay to see it. 

Of course, it’s easier said than done. Making money off of OnlyFans is a challenge, especially with the sheer amount of creators on the platform. 

The following tips will help you boost your OnlyFans presence and gain more followers. Check them out.

Identify Your Fans 

You need to know who’s watching you. Your target audience, or “fans,” can be different people with the same interests. They may be gym buffs, foodies, beauty enthusiasts, etc. 

Once you have identified your target audience, make sure that your profile — from the description to the header to the content– connects with these fans. More OnlyFans tips below. 

Create a Good Header and Description

The first thing your fans will see on your profile is your header. Use a high-quality photo that shows what your fans can expect from your profile. 

If you do NSFW (not safe for work) content, note that full-frontal nudity is forbidden in headers. 

Meanwhile, your OnlyFans description is your best chance to sell your content to subscribers. Why should they choose you over another creator? What offers can they get from you? Write an enticing description and capture their attention. 

Share Previews and Snippets

Share sneak previews on other platforms before launching your main content. If you have Instagram or Twitter, you can share behind-the-scene images, teasers, or trailers. 

If you do NSFW content, Twitter is your best option. It’s less restrictive when it comes to adult content. Meanwhile, Instagram is best for candid shots and videos. 

Remember to use relevant hashtags so you can bring the preview right where your audience is. Tag relevant people, too, if you collaborate with others. 

Know Your Fans’ Common Requests

Fan requests are common. If you get similar requests from various fans and followers, make a note of it. There’s likely a high demand for such requests or content. 

And when you create said request, share a sneak preview on social media. Encourage them to subscribe to your OnlyFans account to view the full version. 

Invest in Tools 

Keep your content interesting by investing in the right tools. Buy ring lights, high-quality cameras, noise-canceling microphones, cooking equipment, and more. 

Some of the tools may seldom be used, while others will prove to be indispensable. Whichever tool you need, invest in the best ones to encourage your audience to subscribe to your content. 

Offer Discounts 

Your audience loves discounts. You can gain more followers by decreasing your monthly subscription price by a certain percentage. Run promotional discounts for special holidays like Christmas, or offer discounts every payday.

Be careful, though. Offering too many discounts too often may not sit well with your fans who have paid the full price. Gaining new subscribers and retaining existing ones are equally important. 

Promote Other Profiles 

Many times, competing with other creators isn’t the wisest decision. Social media works in mysterious ways. Often, it’s better to collaborate with other creators.

It can be as easy as a simple retweet or a mention on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. It’s not a zero-sum game: both you and the profile you promote can gain more followers.

Also, fans love crossovers and collaboration, whether they’re in movies, TV series, or OnlyFans content, so do that with other creators, too.

Create Great Content 

Nothing beats fresh and great content. Subscribers are after your content, and you must give it to them. 

If you promise fresh weekly updates, do that and more. Add value to your content by personalizing them. Make sure you don’t miss a beat, offer something new, and make it relevant to what your audience want. After all, content is king.