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Style Tips for Rocking Your Knee-high Socks

If you still think that knee-high socks are only for prepsters or students, think again. There are surprisingly a lot of grown-up ways to style knee socks to make your outfit look more sophisticated. Not sure how to pull these looks off? Here are some stellar fashion tips that you can use as a guide:

Go for Knits

Why settle for plain-looking socks for women when there are so many different styles and designs out there? Dark knitted knee socks tend to have a soft but edgy look to them that’s perfect for spring and even fall. To dress these socks up, try matching them with a light-colored outfit or a plaid dress.

Play with Contrasts

If you want to wear short dresses, miniskirts, or shorts, but don’t want to commit to the bare-legged look, try pairing any of these bottoms with knee socks. These can give your ensemble a laid-back but cute vibe while also helping you feel less exposed. Additionally, covering up your legs with knee socks can also keep you warm on particularly chilly days.

Reference the Past

When in doubt, style your knee socks like you’re back in the 80s or 90s. For instance, you can refer to Dionne and Cher from the movie Clueless, two characters who always looked put-together when incorporating these socks into their get-ups.

If you prefer something more darkly inclined, try to emulate any outfits worn by Sarah, Bonnie, Rochelle, or Nancy from The Craft. For something more colorful and retro, take inspiration from how Madonna and the girls from Heathers rocked their knee socks. The best part is that these older styles are making a huge comeback, so you won’t look dated at all.  

Make Comfy Outfits Look More Stylish

Do you love lounging around or dressing in really comfy clothes, but want to look like you put a bit more effort into styling yourself? Just put on a pair of knee socks, and you’re good to go. Indeed, matching a pair of knee socks with a raglan shirt and shorts adds a bit of sex appeal, all without sacrificing comfort.

Pair It with a Dress

This outfit combination might look too childish for some. However, the key to a more mature look is in picking the right kind of dress and footwear. For example, instead of sneakers or flats, choose oxfords or heeled platforms. As for what dress to wear, go for a more fitted option that stops a little above the knee.

Match Them to Your Accessories

Your knee socks can act as an accent piece if you wear them in the same color as your other accessories. If you’re new to this way of dressing, monochromatic combinations are easy to pull off and are mostly foolproof.

For example, you can try a sporty look by pairing white knee-high socks with a white snapback cap and handbag. This is especially effective if your style already leans toward athleisure. On the other hand, pink statement earrings, sunglasses, and knee socks add a lot of femininity and sweetness to any outfit. Once you’ve gotten the hang of monochromatic combinations, you can go with complementary sock-and-accessory pairings moving forward.

Give It a Boot

Boots and knee-high socks make for an interesting pair that’s perfect for any fall or winter outfit. Not only is this combination stylish, but it can be great for keeping you warm during chilly weather, too. If you prefer a more feminine look, pair your boots and knee socks with a long sweater or a mini skirt instead.

Take a Page from the Guys

Many men’s style guides dictate that socks should be the same colors as one’s work slacks. Essentially, this means treating socks as an extension of your pants. By wearing them in the same colors, they can create the illusion of an unbroken silhouette in case one’s pants were to ride up when sitting down. As a bonus, this can make anyone look taller, too.

Fortunately, this tip isn’t only applicable to men’s fashion. If you want to attain that long-legged look, try out this style trick the next time you’re wearing a pantsuit or slacks at work.

Wear It with Heels

Socks and sandals may look dorky, but not when the latter’s got some height on them. You can give open-toed or peep-toe heels a fun and youthful spin by wearing them with knee-high socks. If you want a more sophisticated look, go for pumps instead. It’s a great way to get a more polished look without looking boring.

It’s time to dispel the notion that grown-ups can’t wear knee socks. All you have to do is follow the tips that we’ve mentioned above. With a bit of savvy styling practice and a lot of confidence, you can easily incorporate knee socks into a plethora of outfits.

Health Benefits of meal prepping you Should know

Everyone is in the pursuit of health. Whether you are trying to lose weight or just want to bolster your health, meal prepping is an easy and delicious way to stay organized and get all the vitamins and minerals that you need. Invest in food containers and set aside an evening per week to commit to your meal prep.

Preparing delicious meals that you can eat throughout the week means that you can spend less time making each meal and more time enjoying your mealtimes with your family. Keep reading to learn about all the health benefits you can get from prepping your meals.

1. It is More Cost Effective

A lot of people think that eating healthier is more expensive, but when you plan menus in advance, it does not have to be. Buy healthy ingredients in bulk and store them in your freezer. Meal preparation means that you always have a lunch to bing with you so you never have to spend a lot on your lunch while you are at work. Planning meals and purchasing ingredients at once means you never have to go out at the last minute to buy missing ingredients. Stay prepared and create scrumptious meals that you can eat all week long.

2. Meal Delivery Makes it Simple

Having meals delivered to your home cut down on the time that you will spend shopping for ingredients and it can introduce you to new flavors, cuisines and styles of cooking. When your meals are delivered by a service company, you do not have to spend an exorbitant amount of time planning out each week’s menu.

3. Learn About Proper Portion Control

Separating each meal helps you discover how to break each meal into the perfect portion size. As Americans, our idea of the proper size of meals is skewed. We believe that we need more food than we do. Meal preparation can help you learn balance. By putting each meal into a container, you will not be reaching for more once each meal is finished. Regulating the volume that you eat is one of the most basic and crucial steps to leading a healthier life.

4. Lessen Your Stress and Anxiety

Stress can negatively impact your life in various ways. Not only can it disrupt your sleep schedule, but it can also have detrimental effects on your immune system and how well you recover from illnesses. Wondering “What can I have for dinner?” is made an easy decision when you only must heat up a meal that you have already made. Breathe easy and feel better about mealtimes by planning your meals in advance and preparing them just once a week.

5. Eat For Health

By far the coolest part of preparing your meals is that you get to decide your food ahead of time. It will be easier to eat a cleaner, healthier diet with little effort on your part. You will not choose your food when mealtimes come around and you will not deal with the temptation of eating “junk”. Each meal is already made, and it has all the vitamins and minerals that you need to be your healthiest you. Planning your meals can not only help you lose weight, but it can contribute to your overall health.

6. Save Time and Effort

Sure, it takes time to plan your meals and cook them for the week before you plan to eat them, but it will save time in the long run. Consider how much time is wasted pondering a meal you can cook with your available ingredients. Purchasing ingredients and making meals at a single time cuts down on this sort of guessing game. Having your meals planned and prepped for you means that you just take them out of the refrigerator and heat them up.

7. You Can Lose Weight

No matter what your goals are, meal prep can help you shed pounds while getting healthier. In addition to planning meals that contain all the vitamins your body needs, yo can control the amount of food that you eat. Planning your meals in advance can help you understand better exactly what you are putting into your body. While there are many factors that go into controlling your weight, one of the main ways to do so is to watch how many calories you are eating. Decide how much you want to eat in a day and plan out meals that contain all the nutrients you need.

Whether you want to lose weight or are just trying to become healthier, preparing your meals in advance can help you get to a healthier place and save you time and effort over time. Sourcing your ingredients from a grocery store or a meal delivery kit can make your meal prep delicious and nutritious.

Not only can planning your menus make it easier to decide what to eat on a given day, it can cut down on the stress and anxiety you will feel. Improve your mental health while you improve your physical health. It will help you stay organized and learn about the food you are eating and can also be less expensive in the long run. 

Learning to tie a tie

Have you ever had to wear a tie but when it came down to putting it on, you had no idea how to tie a knot? You wouldn’t believe how many people have no idea how to do it. It may seem difficult almost impossible to some people but honestly it isn’t rocket science. There are different ways to tie a tie but here will go over the most basic four. Everyone has their own preference as to which method they use. Once you find your method you’ll become a pro in no time. You won’t even believe how simple it really is.

The most popular, most practiced ways to tie a tie are:

  • The Four-in-Hand Knot
  • Half Windsor
  • Full Windsor Tie Knot
  • Pratt knot

The Four-in-Hand knot is perhaps the simplest way to learn how to tie a tie. This knot is small and it’s the most appropriate for casual situations, since it doesn’t look like you spent too much time in front of the mirror on it. Although it might have taken you forever. If you’re ever in a hurry this is also the knot to go with. So how do you tie it? These are the simple instructions:

  1. Begin by crossing the wide end over the narrow end.
  2. Fold the wide end underneath the narrow end.
  3. Pass the wide end horizontally over the narrow end again.
  4. Take the wide end up and through the loop around your neck.
  5. Take the wide end through the knot in front. Proceed to tighten the knot and pull it up to your collar

Next up is the Half Windsor, which is a little more difficult than the Four-in-Hand knot. The Half Windsor is an easier version of the Full Windsor knot. Once you learn how to do this knot, the Full Windsor should be no problem for you. This is not a casual knot though. It’s more suited for the work, office environment. Following are the simple instructions for the Half Windsor:

  1. Begin by crossing the wide end over the narrow end.
  2. Fold the wide end underneath the narrow end.
  3. Pull the wide end up.
  4. Take the wide end back down through the loop.
  5. Move the wide end horizontally over the narrow end.
  6. Take the wide end up through the loop.
  7. Pull the wide end through the knot in front. Proceed to tighten the knot and pull it up to your collar.

Now we have the little more difficult Full Windsor Tie Knot. This knot is typically used for formal occasions. You should not wear this knot casually. It’s a wide, thick, triangular knot that’s completely symmetrical. It’s best suited with shirts with a wide collar. This knot should be used mainly for business meetings, presentations and weddings. These are the instructions for the Full Windsor:

  1. Begin by crossing the wide end over the narrow end.
  2. Take the wide end back through the loop around your neck.
  3. Take the wide end over the narrow end in the same direction you crossed it at step 1.
  4. Fold the wide end underneath the narrow end.
  5. Take the wide end up…
  6. And back through the loop in the same direction as step 4.
  7. Fold the wide end horizontally over the narrow end.
  8. Bring the wide end up through the loop once more, like you did in step 2.
  9. Pull the wide end through the knot.

Finally we have The Pratt Knot. This knot can pretty much be used for any occasion. This knot is either as wide as the Windsor or as narrow as a Four-in-Hand so it goes well with most dress shirts. The instructions for The Pratt Knot are as follows:

  1. Begin by crossing the wide end under the narrow end, while the tie hangs inside out around your neck.
  2. Pull the wide end up over the narrow end.
  3. Take the wide end down through the loop and tighten the knot.
  4. Move the wide end horizontally over the narrow end.
  5. Pull the wide end back up through the  loop.
  6. Pull the wide end through the knot in front. Proceed to tighten the knot and pull it up to your collar.

So there you have it. Four of the most common ways to tie a tie. Some more simple than others but all very possible for anyone to do. There are different knots for different occasions, so you’ll never run out of knots no matter where it is you’re heading. Pick your favorite style and go with it. Master it, teach it. Soon all your friends and family will be asking for your help tying their ties. Hope you dont regret learning. It’s a very useful thing to know!!!

The Best Ways To Play With Your Cat

Although they might seem like confident and independent creatures on the surface, cats need a good amount of playtime with you, just like any other pet. Taking the time to play with your cat can help considerably in allowing you to form stronger bonds and get a much better sense of what kind of personality they have. There are quite a few ways to play with a cat, so in this article we take a look at a few of them to give you a better idea of how you can start better engaging with your feline friend.

Simple ways to entertain your cat

Even the best cat insurance in Australia won’t help a lethargic, overweight cat, so keeping in mind some good ways to keep your cat active can help a lot during play time. In order to achieve this, consider playtime activities that arouse your cat’s natural hunting instincts, as this is a sure-fire way to help get them moving quickly and speedily. Playtime activities that stimulate these instincts include using sticks that have little ends attached (such as feathers) that you can use to mimic prey, and also unpredictable objects like motorised mice that will unfailingly get the attention of a cat. You can even endlessly entertain your cat by attaching something to the end of a shoelace or a stick and move it around while you’re watching TV! Another fun way to entertain your cat is by using a torch to cast a beam of light on a flat surface and have them chase it. Laser pointers are also a great option if you have them, as you can use them to highlight specific things very easily. 

Creating things for your pet

Although you might think toys for your cat will carry a hefty price tag, this is actually far from the case – your cat can be very easily entertained with a lot of things that you can find around your house, with cardboard boxes being the perfect example –you’d be surprised how much fun a cat can have a paper towel roll! You can very quickly and easily create a little hideout for your cat by cutting some holes in the cardboard box, and you can throw some simple little play bits in there, like a scrunched up ball of paper and a paper bag. Plastic things should generally be avoided (unless you’re very closely supervising) as cats can choke on them very easily. This means you can also easily improvise and create areas for your cat to climb and explore. Creating little obstacle courses allows your cat to naturally wear down their claws, so if you have the room setting up a little area out of bits you have lying around the house or buying a pre-made enclosure can help them strut their stuff. 

A few things to remember

Play times need not last forever – eventually your pet will get tuckered out, or will feel like they’ve won, and at this point you can feel safe wrapping up your little play session. At this stage, it also never hurts to give your cat some love for participating! There are a few other things to keep in mind to keep your cat enjoying its play time. First, dedicate some time to playing a few shorter sessions every day, allow your cat to have some victories, mix up the toy selection and never, ever force them to play.

What Type of Wood Should I Look for in a Wooden Hair Brush?

We all know how important it is to find the right hair brush. The health of our hair depends a lot on it. After medical treatment, your hair needs even more care. Besides, you should remember to change it every year. The same works for brushes for babies. Take a look at a wooden baby hair brush at, and you will find what you are looking for.

Reasons to Look for the Best Wooden Baby Hair Brush:

  • All-natural materials. Nowadays, people start to appreciate natural materials again. Back in the day, people used to comb for hours during the day. They believed that hair has special oil on it that should be evenly distributed on its surface. Wooden brushes worked perfectly for this purpose as they only help this oil make hair more beautiful. When plastics appeared, people wanted to try something new. However, they quickly realized that artificial materials lacked the benefits of a simple brush of wood. That is why Natemia produces exactly this kind of brushes made of beech.
  • Kind to the environment. More and more people take care of our environment as they see how much harm even small things can do to our Earth. That is why it is always better to use eco friendly products if possible.
  • Gentle to the hair. Organic brushes are enough soft for the hair. It would not damage even wet hair so much as a plastic one would. But keep in mind that it is better to wait until your hair is dry.
  • Massage while brushing. Combing hair is important not only to make it look nice. It stimulates better blood flow and circulation. And it in its turn contributes to healthy hair growth. A Natemia paddle and some other brushes are made in such a way that they calm down children. We know that usually, children do not enjoy this process, but we tried to make our brushes and bristles on them in such a way that children can feel relaxed.

How to Choose the Best Wooden Baby Hair Brush?

  • Take a look at the bristles. Do not worry if they are not wooden. They should be natural. Check how soft a bristle is and how much your baby might like it.
  • Mind the type of brush. Each type of hair needs its own kind of brush. For newborns, it is better to use a soft bristle brush. For medium-length hair, you had better take a simple wooden comb. And for long hair, we suggest taking a hard-bristle brush.

Where Can I Find a Baby Wooden Hair Brush?

Take a look at Natemia set of three accessories of beech. These are three brushes made for different types of hair: a hard-bristle brush, a wooden comb, and a soft-bristle brush.

When looking for the best brush, mind the handle and form as it has to be comfortable for you. Some people choose a round brush, others take a mini brush to have it always in the bag.

Try wooden brushes and see how satisfying it can be to take care after your baby’s hair with them!