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Why You Need To Ditch Your Razor?

Hair removal is painful. That’s all, we’ve said that. It’s not enjoyable, it’s not nice, but still, we do it. Some ways of hair reduction are of course worse than some. State it in another manner that some are much greater than others. And the tea is this. — one has its pros and cons, to be frank as any other item in life. We have come to know, though, that others have much more drawbacks than pros. All of them is shaving. Slightly stronger, though not perfect, is waxing. On the other hand laser hair removal provides long-term results that we all want to achieve. So, yes, you’re expected to quit shaving and here’s why.


Irritated skin:

If you think about things from the viewpoint about your hands, the shaving method is rather abrasive. You move razor blades along rough surfaces to shave the hair as flatly as practicable on your scalp. Also razors that are marketed as “flexible” can inflict discomfort and harm to your scalp. This is why scratching the top layer of skin when you shave is so normal.

Because shaving produces temporary outcomes only, you may need to do it regularly. This relentless friction could leave your skin rough, itchy and painful at best. However, as you want to get smooth face, it can quickly contribute to furious, red bumps and razor burn — which is definitely worse than stubble.

The Razors Are Costly:

Certainly, razors are not as pricey as waxing. Even, they are quite the expenditure. Particularly if he’s a woman. Each cartridge only lasts a week.

If you equate that with the expense of extracting laser hair, it’s easy to see that you’ll be saving money — not to mention time — with the immediate results you might achieve from extracting laser hair. Besides, most locations have payment options that can eventually make things more accessible.

No Permanent results:

You just extract a portion of the hair by shaving, and it would easily develop back after a few hours or days. In the other side, any operation for the removal of laser hair can give you lasting results when completed correctly.

This is because a laser pulse is applied directly to the hair follicle during the procedure which kills it so it can never develop again. That said, for a number of causes, such as pregnancy, menopause, or genetics, new hair follicles can become activated, and new hair can develop.

It can trigger razor burns:

We know already that rashing will irritate the skin and make it really itchy. Until receiving razor burns, such are the first phases: redness, scratching, burning or hot feeling, little red bumps. Wherever you shave, such as your ears, knees, underarms, or bikini region, you can encounter certain symptoms. Typically, razor burn is superficial and will go away over time.

Razor burns may be induced by several factors, including: shaving without utilizing a lubricant, such as soap and water or shaving cream, shaving against the direction of your scalp, using an old razor. They can also occur if you use a razor that is clogged with water , soap, or cream for shaving, you shave a single area too many times, or too soon. In fact, razor burns which get bad are infections.


If you choose to shave as your hair reduction tool, you’ll have to do it forever and lose all we’ve spoken about above. Although the laser hair removal may sound daunting and pricey, we have actually shown it is not and it is thebest hair removal methodavailable. The removal of laser hair is absolutely healthy, can be made very accessible and will yield impressive results early in the process and in the long run. Laser hair reduction often ends up being much easier in the long run than shaving.

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