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10 Home Workout Essentials that Every Man Needs Right Now

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Though some businesses have begun to reopen during these uncertain times, this doesn’t mean that we can start letting our guard down. Until a cure or vaccine is found, the safest thing we can do for ourselves and for others is to stay indoors and avoid outdoor activities whenever possible. 

This can present numerous challenges for fitness buffs who, by this point, may have already gone a couple of months without a single visit to their usual gyms or fitness centers. Fortunately, it’s completely possible to do challenging and rewarding workouts without ever leaving the house.

Indeed, you can stay fit while sheltering in place. To do so effectively, check out our list of things that you should get right now, from men’s mid-calf crew socks to dumbbells.

What You Need for Your Workout Attire

The clothes you should wear will depend on your exact exercise routine. Generally speaking, though, you’ll want them all to be made with sweat-wicking fabrics that pull moisture away from your skin. This will help keep you cool and comfortable whether you’re pumping iron or shedding calories through cardio. Added features such as breathability and odor repellence will all come down to your personal preference.

Workout Shirts

When it comes to shirts, you’ll want ones that fit close to the body while still allowing you to have a full range of motion. If you’re going to be running or biking around the block, you may want to invest in tight-fitting tops, as these will reduce drag and help you perform better.

While cotton is an extremely popular fabric choice for its lightweight and moisture-absorbing qualities, keep in mind that this material will simply absorb sweat and moisture without releasing it. If this bothers you, stick to a synthetic blend instead.

Workout Shorts

Much like picking the right shirts, choosing the best shorts or bottoms will also depend on the types of exercises that you like to do. Most of the time, you can go with your usual gym shorts or your favorite pair of basketball shorts.

Just make sure that they fit close enough to your body so as not to be a hindrance. It also shouldn’t be so loose as to catch on equipment, potentially causing you to injure yourself in the process. 


In addition to good-quality shirts and shorts, you’ll also need a good pair of shoes and moving socks to match. While there is some literature about the benefits of going barefoot while working out, shoes and socks can still protect and cushion your feet as you move around. 

What You Need for Your Workout Gear

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while exercising is important, as this can regulate your body temperature as well as lubricate your joints. That said, minimize trips to the kitchen by keeping a water bottle in your workout area. While it’s best to pick a bottle with a leak-proof seal cover or one that unscrews from the bottom for easy cleanup, these features aren’t strictly necessary. 


Another essential item that you should buy is a towel to wipe yourself off as you exercise. This can be especially useful to stop sweat from getting into your eyes and blurring your vision. Additionally, a towel can help keep your hands dry, preventing workout gear from slipping out of your grasp. If you can, go for a towel that’s made with microfiber fabric, as this material can absorb moisture well. 


A pair of workout gloves can be a good investment if you lift weights regularly. They can not only protect your hands and palms from developing calluses, but they can also help you keep a firm grip on your equipment. 

What You Need for Your Workout Equipment

When choosing exercise equipment, keep in mind the types of activities you incorporate into your usual routine and how much free space you have at home. After all, it wouldn’t be practical to buy a treadmill or a stationary bike if it can’t even fit in your house.

Those with only a minimal amount of space to work with may want to consider a set of resistance bands. They are an incredibly versatile purchase, as they can be used to target different muscle groups, all without taking up much room.

Another space-saving must-have is a jump rope, which is a great way to improve your agility and coordination. If you’re not a fan of cardio, though, try doing stretching exercises with a yoga mat instead. For strength-training, try a kettlebell, as they’re considered a more-than-viable alternative to traditional dumbbells.

These are just some of the most essential exercise clothes, gear, and equipment that you should have at home. Take your time when looking for these items, as getting the right ones can help you maximize your workouts and avoid sustaining injuries. Though it can be challenging to stay healthy in an environment that’s designed for relaxing, these essentials should help reignite the fire in your blood.

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