10 Items You Need In Your Beauty Emergency Kit

10 Items You Need In Your Beauty Emergency Kit

10 Items You Need in Your Beauty Emergency KitWe’ve all been there: you’re on a trip or at an important event, the inevitable happens and your makeup, hair, outfit or all of the above are ruined. What you need is a beauty emergency kit: an all inclusive contingency plan to combat every possible beauty crisis that may arise. When I’m going on an interview, a business trip, or performing the hellish duties of being a bridesmaid, I won’t be caught dead without one. Aside from the basic makeup you should already have with you, here are ten things your beauty emergency kit shouldn’t leave home without:

  1. Clear nail polish, aside from ending pantyhose runs, can stop nail polish chips from getting worse.
  2. Benzoyl peroxide cream can make pimples disappear in a matter of hours.
  3. Eye drops to fight off redness from stressful or tearful occasions.
  4. Travel-sized body splash can act as impromptu perfume, deodorant or to rid hair of smoke or sweat smells.
  5. Rembrandt Teeth Whitening Pen for on-the-go stain touch-ups.
  6. Miniature hairbrush: Wrap a couple of ponytail holders around the end for a quick updo.
  7. Preparation H really does work to eliminate eyebags – chalk one up to the beauty queens!
  8. Moist towelettes to clean up errant makeup, spills, and sweat (ew).
  9. Translucent powder will set any moisture and keep making from shifting.
  10. Q-tips!

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  1. YES! This list is so true and useful too, and I love that Q-tips post! Bookmarked and building my beauty emergency kit TONIGHT!! I wonder if makeup artists have these??

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