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10 Signs You’ve Found Your Dream Man

Everyone knows how the story ends. The leading lady finds her one true love, and they lived “happily ever after.” Prince Charming isn’t just a character in fairy tales, however. Although most women end up searching high and low, it’s possible to find the perfect man almost anywhere. Here are tried-and-true signs he’s the right one:

1. He Plans for a Future Together

The right guy doesn’t just talk about today. He thinks about growing old together. Instead of just being a quick fling, he knows there’s something more. Maybe he talks about raising a family. Perhaps he already went to Ethan Lord to find the perfect ring. Either way, a man who isn’t afraid of the future is a keeper.

2. He Has Goals

Instead of settling for the status quo, this man puts his ideas and dreams into action. Ambitious men always find ways to raise the bar and aren’t afraid of a challenge. Although he may experience a few setbacks along the way, he would rather put himself on the line than regret not taking the risk.

3. He’s a Nice Guy

There’s no reason why nice guys should finish last. Finding a man who treats everyone with respect is a hidden gem. It doesn’t matter if he’s talking to family or a stranger on the street. This type of guy never puts himself on a pedestal above others.

4. He Apologizes

No one is right all the time, including McDreamy. A guy who knows when to apologize is a true winner. Not only does he say “I’m sorry” when it matters the most, but he also makes a conscious effort not to repeat the same mistake twice.

5. He Enjoys Hugs and Kisses

Physical touch is important to some women. The right guy enjoys smooching his main squeeze and knows the importance of a good bear hug. While he may not be down with public displays of affection, he’s always up for a passionate kiss behind closed doors.

6. He Isn’t Afraid of Feelings

Contrary to popular belief, showing emotion isn’t a sign of weakness. Instead, a guy who can express how he feels usually has something more to offer. He doesn’t hide his tears when watching a rom-com and isn’t afraid to put his reputation on the line for love. This dream man always tells his lady exactly how he feels.

7. He Prioritizes His Health

A staggering 60 percent of men don’t go to the doctor when they should. Some put it off because they have other things to do, and others are simply afraid to find out if something is wrong. The right guy puts his health first and takes care of himself between doctor visits.

8. He Helps Around the House

Housework isn’t just for women. After a long day, a great man rolls up his sleeves to help out around the house. Whether he does the dishes, takes out the trash, or scrubs the toilet, he isn’t afraid to get dirty.

9. He Believes in Open Communication

Disagreements are part of any relationship, but the strongest ones always talk openly about their problems. The perfect guy doesn’t go to bed angry or hold a grudge. Instead, he communicates like an adult to come up with a solution.

10. He Wants a Strong Woman

Independent, powerful women intimidate a lot of men. The right guy, however, wants the lady in his life to follow her dreams. He encourages her at every step and brags about her accomplishments to everyone he meets.

An Amazing Guy Is Out There

There is someone for everyone. However, finding the ideal man isn’t always an easy task. While it might require kissing several frogs before finding a prince, your dream guy is worth the wait.

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