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Lip Makeup Review: Revlon Sugar Sugar Lip Topping

Lip Makeup Review Revlon Sugar Sugar Lip ToppingDo you ever think some advertisements should be illegal? I don’t think it’s very fair that I walk into the mall and see a glistening, svelte Heidi Klum half-naked next to a bra on sale. It’s misleading, since I definitely won’t look like Heidi Klum after squeezing myself into some clearance lingerie.

I felt the same way at the drugstore looking at the photo next to Revlon’s Limited Edition Sugar Sugar Lip Topping. These Laetitia Casta-like lips stared back at me, frosted and shimmering with a delightful light pink, and I had the cogent thought: “That is absolutely not what this will look like.” Still, 50% off lured me in (another clue it’s probably not that great) and I grabbed this in both Snowflake (white) and Pixie Plum (pink).

The product is a watery tub of glitter; on naked lips, it looks a bit silly. I decided perhaps the “topping” part meant I was intended to apply it over another lipcolor, so I tried it. It disappeared in gloss, and didn’t match well with any lipstick or stain I could find.

Determined to make this a good buy, I got creative and began using it as eye makeup. Snowflake makes an excellent highlighter for the inner corners of your eyes, but again, it’s just glitter, so save it for the club. The applicator is just a little plastic stick too, so it’s inanely inaccurate at getting the glitter where you want it. All in all, I’m calling this a bust.

The verdict: 4/10 – yes, four, because regardless of its uselessness for the stated purpose, I do love flamboyant makeup, and it works on eyes.

Revlon Limited Edition Sugar Sugar Lip Topping is available at Amazon.com for $5.99, if you want to brave this look.

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