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Shiso Pretty! Sushi’s New Role in Skincare

Shiso for skincare

Once just a garnish on a platter of sushi, shiso is now the hottest ingredient in skincare, hair care and anti-aging science. This potent antioxidant is popping up in everything from soap to hair masks as a way to detoxify and protect skin from pollutants and UV rays. (Crazy, since I just ate shiso infused delicacies at an amazing omakase meal at Sushi Sato.) Here are a few products containing shiso that go way beyond the J-beauty scene:

Shiso for skincare

  • The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Brightening Serum ($49) uses shiso to help prevent and repair visible signs of premature aging.
  • Thymes Jade Matcha Hand Cream ($16) uses ginseng, matcha and shiso extract to wake up and stimulate your skin. Use it over your whole body, not just on hands!
  • THANN Shiso Hair Mask uses Shiso extract as a natural anti-oxidant and moisturizer.
  • THANN Purifying Face Wash ($40) includes organic coconut oil, rice bran and shiso leaf to cleanse and refine pores for radiant skin.
  • Calvin Klein IN2U For Him Cologne ($40) features Shiso leaves as a heart note.
  • Harry’s 3 in 1 Combo Shiso Body Wash Gel ($25) makes the shiso connection for men, women and enby pals alike.
  • Illume Grapefruit Oleander soap ($12) includes Shiso leaf along with geranium leaves and pink peppercorn for a wonderfully popping scent and great skincare too.

Do you know of other shiso skincare, haircare and beauty products we missed? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. This makes total sense to me. I have been learning lots about the power of seaweed and konnyaku, and how it relates to why the Okinawans are the healthiest / longest living people on the planet. Thanks for sharing!

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