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Kim Kardashian Without Makeup On

Kim Kardashian without makeup 1We’ve all seen a billion done-up pictures of Princess Kim – but how many have you seen of Kim Kardashian with no makeup on? Aren’t you curious as to what she looks like makeup-less? I sure was.

Here’s a large collection of pics of Kim Kardashian without her full makeup, ranging from lighter more low-key makeup to no makeup at all: Continue reading Kim Kardashian Without Makeup On

Kim Kardashian’s Smoky Eye Makeup Video Lessons

Kim-Kardashian-Makeup-Try-This-At-Home-InstagramWhatever else you may think about her, you asked and she delivered: possibly the most sought after celebrity eye makeup look is that of Kim Kardashian, and apparently Kim knows about the high demand. The socialite and E! starlet posted a series of videos a couple of years ago on achieving her signature smoky eyes. They largely went unnoticed…but I’ve uncovered them for you!

The first vid only includes foundation and blush, which disappointed me a little – the eye makeup is the fun stuff! The video also prominently features Kim without makeup, so if you’re abnormally curious about seeing celebrities with no makeup on like I am, you’ll want to check it out.) The rest are highly educational – an awful lot goes into making that face. (No word yet on what goes into making that booty.)