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7 Modern House Design Trends of 2019

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Planning to build a new house or renovate the old one? Then, you have reached to us at the right time as we will be discussing the modern house design 2019 trends in this post. We will have a look at the modern trends that people are following these days for their house. Let us continue reading and see what these trends are.

Natural Elements

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With so many debates and discussions around the world regarding climate change and environmental preservation, we should consider this point for our house. Get plants for your house and put them in your living room beside the sofas or anywhere you want. It will make your house look lush and green.

The room temperature will also decrease when you put plants inside your house giving you comfort against the warm weather. Choose any plants of your choice from the nursery for your house. There are both small and big plants available, you can choose any as per your choice. 

Don’t buy too many plants as it will bring mosquitoes and insects leading to the danger of diseases. 

If you are a nature lover, then you can plan to have a garden in your backyard as well. Not only plants but you can use other natural elements like granite, copper, and stones in your living area.  It will create a serene and organic ambiance in your house. 

Velvet Furnishings

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Velvet was seen as old fashion earlier and now it is considered the luxurious fabric. This fabric has started gaining a lot of attention from the interior designers. Velvet sofas are a prominent item that is used by people in their modern houses. 

Discuss with your interior designer regarding the velvet furnishings in detail and he will guide you. Also, research over the internet regarding this and get some idea. 

Artisanal Fixtures

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Artisanal fixtures are quite common in modern house designs. They change the way our house looks and add more beauty. Not only in houses, but they are also seen in restaurants, hotels, and showrooms as well. Add lighting to these fixtures and it will look wonderful. 

Your guests will surely like it so don’t forget to get these fixtures installed in your house when you are planning to get a new house or if you are planning to renovate the old one. If you are having night parties at your home then this lighting fixtures will surely add charm to it. 

Floral Patterns

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Earlier, people used to keep plain and simple patterns on their wall but now the trend has changed and people have started having unique designs and patterns on their wall. 

Floral patterns are very much in trend these days and many people are considering it for their house. There are a variety of shades, colors, and design available to choose from for floral patterns. This timeless décor pattern will create a very positive environment in your house for sure.  

At the time of designing your house, make sure you check the new modern floral patterns and select the best from it.

Geometric Patterns

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Similar to the floral patterns, geometric patterns are also very popular these days for modern houses. People have started paying attention to these patterns quite a lot. You can have a design of any geometric shape such as square, circle, triangle, etc. but it should look decent and it should add beauty to your house.  

Be it walls of the bedroom, your living area, kitchen or even your bathroom, this pattern will suit everywhere. So, have a look at the rich geometric designs over the internet and select the best from it that you find suitable for your house. 

Richer Color Palettes

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Color palettes are also very important when you are considering a new house design. They should be chosen in such a manner that your house looks beautiful and elegant. Earlier, people use to select light and plain colors so that the walls don’t look visually heavy but now people have started turning towards the bold colors as well. 

Expert interior designers also believe that 2019 will be the year where bolder colors will be preferred. You can look for statement pinks, bold yellows, dramatic red and lush green colors for your walls. If you are not able to select the right color palette for your house then you should take suggestions from interior designers and other expert people you know. 

Canopy Beds

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Yes, the final trend in our list is this one: canopy beds. There is a steady rise seen in the number of people looking for canopy beds for their new house. You have seen such beds in the movies or the hotels. People might have got inspired by it and have started using them for their house. 

So, here was a brief overview of the Modern House Design trends. Hope you enjoyed reading this piece of information. For more updates on modern house trends, don’t forget to follow ArchitectureIdeas!

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