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Top Beauty Trends That Will Shape the New Year

Have you been dying to switch up your makeup routine and try something new?

There’s a lot to love about the new beauty trends taking over 2020. And just because most of us are sitting home right now doesn’t mean you can’t reinvent your look with a few makeup and beauty tips that everyone (even celebs) are embracing right now. If you’re experiencing any kind of FOMO right about now, check out the top beauty trends you need to know about so you can stay in the loop and take your look in another direction for the new year.

1. Maximalist Nails

People are doing the most when it comes to their nails these days, like adding 3-D accessories, embellishments, and bold, fun colors. Some women have experimented with constellation designs, or added rhinestones, gemstones, and other accents that can make their nails stand out among the rest. Check out people on social media who are doing it big with maximalist nails for some inspiration for what you might want to do to yours. The best part about this is you can do this from home — no need to visit a salon. So let your creative side out to play and come up with a beautiful, unique design that gets heads turning.

2. Great Skin & Luxurious Lashes

One of the most popular beauty trends is developing a skincare routine that gives you beautiful, glowing skin and plumping up those lashes for a more luxurious look. Invest in the health of your skin and lashes with Rodan and Fields’ line of products, like the lash boosting serum. Say goodbye to mascara and hello to your new best friend. This nightly conditioning serum can give you the appearance of fuller, longer, darker-looking lashes and brows. It can also help you maintain moisture and enhance lash durability, protecting against breakage.

3. Crystal Embellishments for the Brows

Crystal-studded arches over the eyebrows is another trend people are latching onto this season — and it’s a trend we can get behind. A little lash glue and your choice of face and body gems is all it takes. Not only does it put a twist on the way we’d normally use crystals (like on the nails), but it makes for a beautiful aesthetic. Want to stir up some serious brow envy in 2021? Get yourself a few face and body gem sets to create a few different looks (even if you are just sitting at home). You can still dress up and inspire people on social media with your gorgeous, crystal-embellished eyebrows.

4. Gothic Glamour

If black is your color and you’re into gothic-inspired looks, you’ll love this new trend. Gothic glamour calls for dark, moody lipstick with a glossy finish, dark-colored mini-crystals for your eyes, black eyeliner, and dark, flirty lashes. Embrace gothic glamour like some top designers have (like Valentino) because while it might seem like gothic glamour is a trend for the catwalks, you can absolutely make it work for everyday looks as well. You can do any of the above suggestions with a smoky eye and dark nails if you just want to dip your toe in to see how it’s working for you. Do as little or as much as you feel comfortable doing — there’s no rule that says you can’t deviate a bit from the looks you’ve seen on catwalks.


Maintaining your health and beauty go hand in hand. Without beautiful, healthy skin, you’re not going to get the best results. So start finding ways to be kinder to your skin (like embracing a new skincare routine if you need to). And don’t be afraid to experiment with products that can help you look your best (like eye cream or lash growth serum) so you can go into 2021 feeling confident.

Try Before You Buy: 5 Tips to Finding the Right Makeup for You

Endless makeup videos on social media can lure us into thinking that everyone has the same beauty routine. In fact, we each have individual needs when it comes to makeup due to varying skin tones, styles, and sensitivity to different products. 

So, we need to consider what works for us when it comes to investing in a new product. Take time to contemplate what you want out of your beauty routine before spending money on makeup. Feel unique by following our tips below.

Try Foundation First

Beauty and department stores often offer a free patch test. If you ask, they’ll apply foundation to your skin so you can see if it suits your colouring. Choose free, good quality makeup samples to take home and try.

Go about your daily routine with the patch test on your face to make sure your skin doesn’t get irritated by the foundation. After the day, see if you like the product then go back and buy it knowing that it suits you. 

Choose an Eyeshadow 

Carefully pick an eyeshadow palette that compliments your eyes. Examine all the colours on the palette and choose one with the most colours you’ll use. Sometimes it’s handy to have a mixture for different occasions. 

If you have blue eyes, consider looking for earthy colours like burnt orange and rich browns. Brown eyes sparkle against gold and bronze. Green eyes can experiment with reddish undertones. Consider attending a makeup course to help with your application. 

Pick a Perfect Lipstick

Lipstick is often a statement and a sign that you’ve made an effort with your makeup that day. However, it’s important to consider what tones suit you before you buy a bold colour for your night out.

The general rule is, if your skin is light then go for paler, nude lipsticks and if it’s darker go for richer colours. Think about your hair colour; for lighter shades go for lipsticks with blue undertones, for darker shades pick oranges.

Identify Your Style

Match your makeup with your personal fashion style. Do you want to look glamourise, gothic or natural? Get to know the clothes you wear, and how you want to express yourself with your clothes and makeup.

If you’re wondering what your style is, then have a flick through photos of yourself. Identify the clothes you wear regularly and consider what makeup would match them. Normally you can easily identify a colour you often wear. 

Time to Experiment

Yes, it’s important to buy makeup that you know you like, but it’s also fun to leave room to experiment and try new looks. Experiment with new trends by considering which facial features you like to enhance.

Then try to experiment with how you do your makeup on that feature. For example, if you like drawing wings on your eyes then try something different by doing a double-flick. This way you can experiment with the knowledge that you’ll probably like the new look.  

5 Reasons to Attend a Makeup Artist Course to Become an Expert

The makeup and hair industry is getting bigger and bigger day by day. With professional artists and influencers on makeup and beauty, more and more people are benefiting and helping themselves look and feel better. Every person needs grooming, and makeup is a good way of perfecting the skin and evening out blemishes and spots. 

As the beauty industry is so vast and there is a lot of potential, making a career out of it won’t go to fail. Also, getting to know makeup basics and tricks will only work out best for you for grooming yourself in everyday life and becoming confident. 

Here some more reasons why you should be starting a makeup-artist course:

Help People

Knowledge is a great tool that can be used not just for self-help and resilience but for helping others as well. After you successfully complete your make up artist course from a reliable academy, you will have the secrets and in-depth knowledge on how any face can be enhanced to seize its best form. And with this information, you can opt to help anyone in need of a makeover. 

This is an excellent service as with makeovers, people gain confidence and can strive for better opportunities for themselves. In other words, you will be able to help humanity if you become a prolific makeup artist. 

Attend High Profile Events and Make Connections

The most significant upside of taking a heavy-on-the-pocket makeup course it that you get to meet your favorite artists through connections. If you decide to enter the entertainment industry and become a makeup artist for celebrities, which you totally can with a makeup course, you can become one with the hype. Through fruitful connecting and keeping tabs on the latest opportunities, you can get to meet and inspire from the best in the industry and create a name for yourself. 

Get Qualified for More

Completing a makeup course doesn’t mean you should settle down and start running a mediocre salon for touchups by local people. There are endless opportunities in the makeup industry and several expert techniques that help you achieve a better job and future for yourself. If you have passion for the beauty side of the world, you shouldn’t let the fire out and keep moving forward. A make artist course is your chance of gaining a better skill that you had dreamed of. 

Build Your Brand

These days even the most undereducated professionals and influencers are making a name for themselves by releasing products and creating brands. You, as a qualified and educated makeup artist professional, can bring your own change to the makeup world as well. You can provide the world with your different views of beauty and create a brand out of it. People yearn for unique and better ideas that help to makeover for them more manageable in daily life and provide better ways of showing inner beauty. And you can be their voice and solution to them.

Good Income

Spending all your pocket money on getting a certificate in makeup means that it ought to provide good payback. Moreover, the industry is vast, and there are endless opportunities for earning in it. You can be anything from a makeup artist to a salon owner; the pay will be good. As an expert, your services will also yield higher reimbursements than anyone without a certificate. You can be your own boss with a salon. And this venture doesn’t even need hefty startup costs. You can start small and gradually elevate your business to a high level. 

Saving Money on Beauty Products Online

When it comes to beauty, many of us are keen to find the perfect beauty products for our needs. There are many things you have to consider when you are purchasing beauty products depending on the type of beauty products you are purchasing. One of the important factors you need to consider is the cost of the products, as you need to try and stay within your budget.

When you shop online for beauty products, you will already be able to access some great bargains and deals. However, there are also additional methods that you can use in order to further reduce the amount you have to pay for these products. This means you can invest in beauty products that are on-trend and of high quality while also staying within your budget. In this article, we will look at some of the ways to save money on beauty products online.

How to Make Additional Savings

As mentioned earlier, you can get some great deals on beauty products when you shop online. The sheer choice of products coupled with great deals makes it easier to enjoy greater affordability online. However, there are also additional methods you can use to further cut the cost of your beauty product purchases. Some of the methods you can use are:

Using Online Coupons

One of the ways you can make savings on the cost of your beauty products is to use online coupons. You will find plenty of great online coupons to use for a wide range of retailers. With promo coupon codes such as Macys coupons codes shopping becomes far more affordable. These coupons are very easy to redeem, so you can make savings without any stress or hassle. These codes can provide you with a generous discount on the cost of your purchases.

Look for Clearance Bargains

Another thing you should do is to look for clearance bargains on the websites of your favorite beauty product retailers. You will often find some really good deals in the clearance sections, so you can purchase a range of beauty products for a fraction of their usual price. If you also have discount codes and vouchers, you can usually use them alongside the discounts already offered in the clearance section of the site.

Follow on Social Media

One other thing it is worth doing is to follow your favorite beauty retailers on social media. You can follow them on Facebook as well as on other social media platforms. By doing this, you can look forward to being among the first to know about special promotions or sales events, which makes it easier for you to grab a bargain. You can also gain access to exclusive offers and deals that are reserved for social media followers.

With these tips, you will find it easier to save money on all types of beauty products when you shop online. You can get the latest products and invest in high quality while also cutting the cost of your purchases.

Day To Night Makeup Looks – MyGlamm

Beauty is the valuable jewelry that one can wear on itself. Everyone wants to look beautiful and flawless. There are so many skin products that are used for the care of the skin. You must protect your skin from any kind of damages, sunburn, etc. Earlier, you have to go to the market to buy various skin or makeup products for you. But now you can even buy makeup or your skin products online. There are varieties of products available of almost all top brands which are used to give you flawless skin. We always went to a makeup artist to get our desired look, but what if we can get that look at our home. Yes, you heard it right. Now instead of spending heavy money on makeup artists, you can buy makeup product and can use them every day. Now you can even get that night makeup look at your home.  Continue reading Day To Night Makeup Looks – MyGlamm