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Fragrance Friday: Armani Code Pour Femme

Armani-code-for-women-mainIt’s time for another lovely Fragrance Friday! Today we’re going luxury. Described as “fresh and sexy,” Armani Code Pour Femme is a fabulous fragrance. And what girl doesn’t love a little Armani?

  • Top notes: Blood orange, ginger, pear sorbet, jasmine
  • Middle notes: Orange blossom, Seringa flower, lavender
  • Base notes: Precious wood complex, vanilla

I smelled this perfume on my best friend and instantly fell in love (with the scent, not her…sickos). The fragrance is a spicy, seductive mix of lush citrus and earthy notes, both bold and mischievous at once. Give it a try if you’re a fearless chick!

Giorgio Armani Code Pour Femme sells at for $72.50 in the 2.5oz size.

Fragrance Friday: Betsey Johnson Eau De Parfum

Betsey Johnson Eau De Parfum ReviewAs perfume goes, I’m a bit of scent flirt. Rather than sticking with one fragrance, I like to try and buy many different perfumes. For a fun and flirty scent, try Betsey Johnson’s Eau de Parfum Spray.

  • Top notes: Pear, grapefruit
  • Heart notes: Freesia, lily of the valley
  • Base notes: Praline, sandalwood

I found this gem while cruising the perfume department at Ulta, and it makes for a great fruity, everyday scent. The adorable bottle and my love for Betsey Johnson drew me in first, but the smell is what won me over.

Pick up Betsey Johnson Eau De Parfum Spray at Amazon for only $23 in the 3.4oz size. You’ll love it, I promise.

Fragrance Friday: Hot Couture By Givenchy Review

Givenchy-LogoNeed a boost of confidence to take on this New Year’s Eve with new zeal? Try out this modern fragrance: Hot Couture by Givenchy. (By the way, for girls having trouble at the perfume counter in the mall – Givenchy is pronounced jee-vahn-shay.)

Hot Couture Perfume by Givenchy, 1.7 oz Eau De Toilette Spray for WomenRaspberry dominates this spicy fragrance, while magnolia, amber, bergamot, and pepper draw Hot Couture together to create a confident, cheerful and stylish scent. Created in 2000 by Jacques Cavallier, Givenchy’s Hot Couture is a modern classic that plays to any young fashionista’s strengths. And who wouldn’t love the name?

I’d recommend Hot Couture for a first date to replace nervous jitters with exhilaration. He’ll fall in love once he gets a whiff of you – and if he doesn’t, who cares? At least you smell great. Hot Couture by Givenchy sells at Amazon for $60.

Fragrance Friday: Starring…! Fragrances Diva & Beauty

Fragrance Friday Starring FragrancesThe market for organic products is huge and only growing, and the trend isn’t limited to makeup and skincare. Starring…! Fragrances was kind enough to let me sample their line of all-natural perfumes. Created by actresses and sisters Ashley and Courtney Peldon, the line features elegant fragrances in gold-capped bottles and complements any eco-conscious babe who doesn’t want to smell like patchouli. I tried two very different scents: The Diva and The Beauty.

The Diva is heady and instantly sexy, definitely created with evening in mind. Its decadent combination of chocolate and strawberry made me instantly hungry- it smells a lot like a cherry cordial. It’s perfect for a night at the club or an encounter a few dates in – and with these organic formulas you don’t have to worry about your man kissing your neck and tasting peroxide. If you wish you were Madonna, love dark purple, and consider yourself high-maintenance, this is your signature scent.  Continue reading Fragrance Friday: Starring…! Fragrances Diva & Beauty

Fragrance Friday: Vera Wang Princess

Fragrance Friday Vera Wang Princess GirlWith all of the chatter about makeup and hair at Sassy Dove, we don’t talk much about fragrances. Don’t you olfactory addicts worry – we’re finally showing some perfume love by instituting Fragrance Fridays to feature our fragrances of choice. Enjoy!

Described as a “cocktail of pink fruits and vanilla,” Vera Wang Princess is one of my favorite scents. Given to me as a Christmas gift, I fell in love with the girly (if slightly out-of-season) aroma. The smell is sweet and great for everyday wear, on a fun day date, or a bachelorette party. And now there’s a clothing line to boot!

This beautiful blend contains water lily, mandarin meringue, and ripe pink guava mixed with Tahitian flowers, making it perfect for summer or a tropical winter vacation.

Vera Wang Princess is available in the 1.7oz size for $50 and the 3.4oz size for $66 at FragranceX.