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Difference between wedge sneakers and platforms

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Wedge Sneakers are among the most trendy footwear one can find in the market currently. It’s a hip design, comfort along with that extra bit of inches it adds to any woman who wears it, these wedge shoes are a go-to option for women in today’s time. Who knew that collaborating the concept of sneakers with wedges would become so fashionable. But it did. 

Women enjoy rocking wedge sneakers with any sort of outfit. It easily goes with a pair of jeans, a long skirt, shorts, and many times with professional attire. In other words, wedge sneakers are without a doubt a must-have for women who indulge in multiple types of activities be it outdoor trips or indoor parties. Moreover, what makes them even more desirable is the comfort factor which unlike the usual heels or sandals that can give a certain bit of pain if worn for a long time, these sneakers allow you to run, dance, stroll, and more without any hesitation. But there is another kind of shoe that is equally famous and that is the platform sneakers. Both wedge and platform sneakers have grown like a weed in the market and everyone who loves shoes wants a pair of them. However, do you know what the difference between them is? 

Defining Wedge Sneakers 

Wedge sneakers are preferred by women who love to wear heels and want an elevated shoe. Wedge sneakers are designed in a fashion that amplifies your height. The base is a triangle where the heel has the highest elevation which slowly narrows down as it moves towards the toe. The heel is higher than the toe, which is also high but less than the back. One would think this resembles a heel, but it doesn’t. As opposed to heels that only have elevation at the back, the entire shoe is elevated with wedge sneakers. This makes the shoe more comfortable. Anyone unable to enjoy heels because of their unhealthy effects can find wedge sneakers an excellent alternative. These shoes go well with a variety of clothing, from jeans and a t-shirt to a skirt or shorts. From parties to the shopping mall, wedge sneakers fit in all sorts of atmospheres. 

Defining Platform Sneakers 

Platform sneakers can be hands down one of the most comfortable options for women. They do not just provide an elevation but also go above and beyond when compared to wedge sneakers in the comfort category. What makes them this way is the long heel base that is the same throughout, from toe to back. Unlike the wedges that are more elevated at the back than the toe, platforms are equal at every level. This is also the reason women who want a couple of inches of additional height go for platform wedges as opposed to wedge sneakers. But that the higher it goes, the more difficult it becomes to walk in them. In that way, it doesn’t matter if it’s wedge or platform shoes, if you are going for sneakers with some extraordinary height it is going to be difficult for you to maintain a good posture while walking. 

So Which Should You Choose?

The main question that remains is which to go for? And the answer to that question is not as simple as one would think. Ultimately it is your decision. Do you want to go for a heel style sneakers or a sneaker style heel? The first will give you the feeling of wearing a heel in the comfort of a shoe while the latter will make your love for shoes extend further by adding a couple of inches to you. It is also about the comfort factor and why you are going to wear a shoe? If comfort is all that matters to you, go for a platform. If you are going out camping, it’s platform shoes you carry. However, if you like a tad bit of fashion with your comfort, it should be wedged. If you are going out to the party and want to look classy, it’s wedges.

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