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Edgy Fashion Trends For 2019

With many of the spring and summer 2019 fashion shows already wrapping up, the message from the overall industry is pretty clear; be unique and be edgy. In short, almost everyone is saying that 2019 is the year to be yourself and be as unique as possible with your style. There have been an incredible amount of socio-political events taking place across the country; these have been reflected in film and entertainment and has now broken into the fashion world.

Many major fashion brands are now facing these kinds of conversations. They’re actively promoting the likes of inclusivity, diversity and other issues affecting women. With body negativity and ageism being at an all-time high, many fashion designers are looking to encourage women to be themselves. Because of that, the core message for many women has been to use fashion to reflect and empower their own selves while also reflecting their values through their clothing.

This has resulted in a variety of unique looks and styles that are set to make their presence felt throughout 2019. With a bit of mixing and matching, you’ll be able to create a unique and innovative look that suits your style perfectly. With the likes of Modvisor, you’ll be able to make sure that you’re getting the best possible styles that suit you perfectly and at an affordable price. Having said that, there are a few trends that many fashion experts are predicting for 2019.

Modern Hippy

This escapist look brings together a few neutral colors and tones while adding in a variety of accessories. The likes of scarf dresses, crochet pieces, and raffia accessories, there’s a lot to choose from with this modernist hippy style. Many of these styles also look as though they’ve gotten inspiration from the likes of pilgrimages to Ibiza, Joshua Tree or an ashram in India. With that in mind, there are a variety of sun-kissed hues, clashing geometric prints and a few different types of artisan knits. Fringing and crochet shoulder sacks are also set to make their presence felt through the spring and summer seasons this year.

A More Utility-Based Look

A recent innovative design has been what’s been called accessomorphosis by Louis Vuitton designer Virgil Abloh. This is the practice of working bags and wallets into the overall clothing; essentially, the accessories become a part of the outfit itself quite literally. Over the past few fashion shows, everyone from Chanel to Proenza Schouler has been modeling this look across their catwalks. With that in mind, there are a variety of things that’ll be making waves over the next few months. Chief among these are cargo pants in dusky hues and front-loaded tool belts being worked into the overall design of an outfit. This trend is set to take both men and women’s fashion by storm, with the original accessomorphosis being started in men’s clothing before quickly being introduced into the women’s fashion world.

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Valley High

Nostalgia makes its presence felt with almost every new year in fashion and 2019 is looking no different. With Valley High fashion motifs, designers are going back to the 1990s to find some inspiration. Instead of going for the likes of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, designers are concentrating more on Saved by the Bell and Clarissa Explains It All, giving them a more modern twist.

With this kind of look, silhouettes will be top-heavy due to the use of over-sized shirts and jackets adding to the look. Bring in the use of paint-stroke prints and clashing pastels and the nostalgia will almost be in full swing. The only thing left is the acid wash jeans, which are also set to make a return. If you’re nineties-obsessed, then it looks like this will be the year to put it all on show.

With each of those fashion trends for 2019, coupled with a whole lot more, what’s stopping you from creating a unique and innovative style that shows off your personality perfectly? The summer and spring collections are quickly coming into the season so you better get looking around for what best suits your taste. From modern day hippies to nineties obsessed style icons, 2019 is shaping up to be the year of you, no matter what your style is.

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