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5 Things to Consider Before You Buy Your First Plant

Once you decide to start investing in plants, whether you put them indoors or outdoors, there is more to becoming a first-time plant parent than going into a store and buying any plant and bringing it home. Besides, even though you order one online before you learn about what your plant will need, it is unwise to do so. Preparation is important as there are some considerations that you should focus on first. You can learn this from experienced plant owners that have made various mistakes, after rushing to taking care of a plant with no idea what is required. In this article, you will learn things to consider before you buy your first plant to successfully grow them. 

  1. Choose the plants wisely 

If you love to grow plants that you may have seenin a friend’s house or on a friend’s page. Do not rush to buy it before you understand how best to take care of it, especially now in this fast-paced society where no one takes time to study. It is best to research a plant that suits you and your particular situation as well. This includes the space you need to accommodate your plant. But also how you plan to take care of it depending on the routine you have. Consider how much room is there in your home. You can grow a sago palmindoors instead of outdoors, since various plants grow in different ways and require enough space to fit well. Importantly, consider the amount of time that you have to commit to the plant. Do you have a lot of time to tend to the plants, or are you away a lot, and you require a plant that needs little attention and has to care for itself? So consider choosing your plants wisely as you plan to get your first one. 

  1. Learn of the plant needs 
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No matter the plant that you want in your space. You need to reach the plant needs necessary. Every plant you wish to buy has its different needs, and you need to know if you are in a position to care for them. Some plants require more care than others, and it is important to be familiar with their individual needs, especially the ones that you are bringing home. For instance, how much light, maintenance, and moisture does the plant need? Plus, does your home have adequate light for them to grow? As there are low light plants and those that require full sun. Besides, if you get succulents, they do not need much water, and many people need to learn about this before they over water. Ferns are the opposite. As they are moisture-loving and you have to ensure too, not to underwater them. Learning plant needs is vital to avoid killing the plant. 

  1. Do not buy a lot of plants 

Once you get your first plant and love the experience. It is easy to go ahead and buy more. Although it is not wrong to buy more plants as one is not always enough. However, as you buy, ensure you are ready to take care of them. Be careful not to purchase too many than you intend to have as you may not have enough time to take care of all of them. Consult from other plant lovers who can explain to you the mistakes they made when they added more plants to their collection. To know how best to add more plants and what you need to consider as you keep on adding to avoid facing the same challenges as them. Also, when it is time to stop buying more plants as you cannot accommodate them all. So, as your collection grows and you become more confident in taking care of plants. Remember, you need to consider how available you are to care and maintain them as you keep adding.

  1. Think about location 
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Where do you plan to locate your plant? Although various plants can grow both indoors and outdoors as well. Others you need to be sure where you intend to locate them to ensure they thrive. Knowing where is the best spot for your plant and how you will display it is vital for your first plant. For instance, will it sit on a table, grow vertically on a hanging basket, grow in your balcony or the window sill. Others prefer having a tall floor plant that will take center stage. So, it depends on where your motivation comes from, but plants are more suited to space that will make them thrive. Plus, the plants you choose will dictate this as every plant has its particular needs. 

  1. The type of container 

The choice of the container you choose for your first plant is important. If it holds soil, it will then accommodate the plant as well. Still, there are some considerations that you should account for here. According to the plant that you choose, not all of them are suitable for the container that you have. Besides, some plants perform best in containers than others. For instance, if you want to buy succulents as your first plant, as they require little water. The best container for them should be a terra cotta pot, something porous. If you prefer plastic containers, it is better to choose plants that need more water as this takes more time to dry out. As every plant has its own needs, there are also different types of containers for various plants. 

To conclude, if you are new to growing plants. It is important to do your research first and follow the above considerations as it is not the same as caring for a pet. This is about attending and nurturing to the needs of a plant and care for it as it grows. Having a plant for the first time is about being responsible, to ensure that the plants thrive to its full potential. 

Is Metal Roofing the Right Choice For Your House?

Whether you’re remodeling your house or planning to build a house from the ground up, roofing is perhaps not the first thing that comes to mind. However, a roofing system plays a key role in the overall structure of your home. Its prime purpose is to protect you and your home from the perils of harsh weather conditions. Moreover, certain roofing materials also provide much-needed insulation to prevent energy loss. 

Since roofing forms such a large and visible part of your home, it’s necessary to take your time to choose roofing materials and style that complements your home. Some popular roofing materials include asphalt shingles, metal, slate, clay tiles, and stone-coated steel. Considering the important functions offered by a robust roofing system, it’s crucial to choose a roofing material that will stay put in the long run. 

In this post, we’re sharing why metal is all-around excellent roofing material. Take a look.

  1. Longevity

Unlike wall paint, a roofing system isn’t something you can afford to redo every couple of years. Therefore, it should be highly resilient to last for several decades, at the very least. Metal roofing is a forerunner on this front. It can last up to 60-75 years with little or no maintenance!

  1. Durability

Longevity and durability are the two sides of the same coin. A roofing material needs to be durable in order to offer a long service life. Metal is a sturdy roofing material that can withstand extreme weather conditions. From harsh hail storms to heavy snowfalls, it can easily bear natural elements. 

  1. Environmentally Friendly

These days many homeowners are conscious about using environmentally-friendly materials and practices for building a new home. Metal is one of the most sustainable roofing materials out there. Not only is it often made from 25-30% recycled metal, it is completely recyclable at the end of the life cycle. As residential metal roofing is long-lasting, it also lowers the demand for subsequent roof replacements. 

  1. Aesthetic Appeal

Just because metal roofs have a long lifespan doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice aesthetic appeal. As mentioned earlier, the roof constitutes a major portion of your home’s exteriors. Metal roofs are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and finishes to meet your specific style requirements.

  1. Ease of Installation

While options like clay tiles and slate promise impressive durability, they are quite heavy and require labor-intensive installation. With a metal roof, you can have the best of both worlds. It’s a lightweight material that can be easily installed with a minimum requirement for supporting structures.

  1. Energy Efficiency

With the application of a highly-reflective coating, the solar reflectance of a metal roof can be increased. This keeps the metal roof cool on hot days and thereby, lowering cooling costs. Metal roofs can be made even more energy efficient by adding foam insulation.

  1. Fire & Wind Resistance

Metal roofs are immensely resistant to wind and fire. As metal is a non-combustible material, it can withstand high temperatures better than something like wood. Furthermore, metal roofs have a 140-mph wind rating and can stay in one piece even during hurricane season.

  1. Easy Shedding

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall or rain, metal is suitable roofing material. Because of the hard surface and the way panels are interlocked, metal roofs can effortlessly shed snow and rain. A dark-colored metal roof melts snow even faster. 

Final Words

Are you tired of various issues with your current roofing system? Instead of constantly paying for costly repairs, replace it with a sturdy metal roof that can easily last for several decades. The long-term benefits of a metal roof are unmatched by any other roofing material.

Installing a Wall Mounted Air Conditioner for Your Home

Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Perhaps, a cooling appliance is all you need to give you a comfortable sleep. Studies have shown that cooler temperature induces sleepiness by helping you release your body’s melatonin. If you are in search of an air cooling system to install in your room, then a wall mounted air conditioner is the best option that you can have. Read on if you would like to know more about this product: 

Advantages of a wall-mounted unit

Wall-mounted air conditioning units are the most popular choices for cooling systems because of their sleek design. It is slimmer than its counterparts, so a unit can be placed in the room without sacrificing the entry of sunlight and blocking the view from the window. 

Additionally, unlike other centralised air conditioners, which often require a considerable arrangement for installation, this type of air conditioning only needs a small wall opening. As such, you can mount your unit in no time, without ruining your wall and furniture arrangement. 

A wall mounted air conditioner is also one of the most affordable cooling system options in the market. It is even less expensive than window units. Only HVAC units can match its price, but if you factor in its installation cost, it is still better to invest in a wall-mounted cooler.  

Choosing the specifications

There is no one-size-fits-all air conditioner. The cooling capacity of your unit should match the amount of space that it would cover. If you stay in a 200 sq ft room, you should get an air conditioner with 6,000 BTU to adequately cool off the room. If you double that space, then you should add an extra 3,000 BTU. Additionally, it is a general rule that you should increase the BTU by 10% if there will be more than two people in the area. The more people in the room, the harder it will be for your air conditioner to cool the space. 

Meanwhile, to ensure that your air conditioner will be cost-effective for electricity consumption, you should look into its Energy Efficiency Rating or EER. The higher its rating, the more energy-saving your unit is. 

Mounting your air conditioner

Location is an important factor when mounting your air conditioning unit. First of all, your air conditioner should have no airflow interruption. Therefore, remove all the draperies, furniture, and hanging plants that might obstruct the room’s airflow. If its airflow is constantly interrupted, your unit’s cooling capacity and lifespan may be affected.

When mounting it up, the ideal distance is seven feet from the floor. If possible, do not place it on the southern area because the heat of the sun might affect its cooling mechanism. It is also advisable that you place it in the centre to efficiently cool your room. For a rectangular room, your cooling appliance should be on the longer wall. It should not face the door so that the air can effectively circulate in the area. 

With proper placement, you will not be overworking your air conditioner. Additionally, you will not be worrying about the high electricity bill because its energy consumption will be maximised. 

A wall mounted cooling system is a worthy investment that can make your life bearable. It is the most cost-effective and practical option available in the market. What are you waiting for? Do window shopping and look for a good deal from a reputable appliance brand.

5 Home Remodeling Ideas to Give Your Home a Brand New Look

If you are reading this, it means that you have made your mind to give your home an upgrade by remodeling it. Nothing is as refreshing as giving your home a new touch. 

However, you must be very careful with the ideas of remodeling. Your ultimate goal should be to do it in the minimum budget and getting the maximum new and pretty look for your house.

In this blog, I’ve narrowed down some of the tried and tested remodeling ideas that will give your home a completely brand new look. The best part about these ideas is that they are easy to carry out and don’t cost you a fortune. So, give the following a read and find out which idea will work the best for your home.

Here you go: 

Add a Pop of Color

Believe it or not but just changing the colors of the walls of your home can make a huge difference and make it look good as new. However, to make sure that the new wall color does the trick, you have to make sure that you are choosing the right color. A good strategy will be to go with colors that you haven’t tried before. Get out of your comfort zone of colors and do an experiment. If you do it right, you’ll not regret it. 

Add Molding to get A Luxury Touch 

If you want to add just the royal touch to your house, then adding moldings in your home is the perfect solution. The best thing about moldings is that they come in a variety of designs and don’t cost much. Put simply, and you can give your whole house a completely different and new look without spending a lot of money through moldings. 

Invest in Some Good Pieces of Art 

No matter how expensive remodeling you are getting, if the walls of your home are empty, it’ll still look like something is missing, and your home will give an incomplete look even after spending a lot of money. So, don’t hesitate to invest some good pieces of art. They are going to add a lot of value to the overall look of your home. 

Get Frameless Glass Fencing 

You’ll be surprised to know how something as simple as a frameless glass balustrade can make a huge difference in the overall outlook of your home. The good news is that you can easily get a frameless glass balustrade in Melbourne. So, what are you waiting for? 

Invest in Indoor Plants  

Indoor plants come cheap but make your home look luxurious. All you have to do is get some plants and place them in pots that suit the interior of your house. Place the plant pots in your home, and it’ll give your home a whole new vibe. Not only is it a cheap solution to get a new look for your home, but it is a healthy and eco-friendly solution as well.

Top Considerations when Renting a Storage Unit

These days, people rent out a storage unit for all sorts of reasons. Storage units are typically associated with moving home and storing belongings in the interim, but people use them for all sorts of other reasons. This includes everything from storing stock for a home business or storing valuable tools through to setting up an office.

Whatever you plan to use a storage unit for, it is important that you find the right one for your needs. You will find all sorts of storage facilities and units these days with different sizes, amenities, and locations. You can even enjoy the benefits of drive-up storage units if you want total convenience and ease. In this article, we will look at the top considerations you need to keep in mind when renting a storage unit.

Some Key Points to Keep in Mind

In order to ensure you find the right storage facility and unit for your needs, there are several key factors you need to keep in mind. This includes:

Check the Price Is Right

The first thing you need to do is to check the price is right. The cost of renting a unit can vary based on the size, the location, and the facility. You need to do some budgeting to ensure you work out how much you can afford to spend. You should then focus on finding a suitable unit that also falls within your budget. 

Make Sure the Location Is Suitable

In order to ensure you have easy access to your unit, you need to make sure it is in the right location. There are units available across the country, but naturally, you want to be able to get to yours without too much hassle. If you drive, you can choose one a little further afield if you want to. However, if you have to go there on public transport or on foot, you should consider how far it is. 

Ensure the Size Is Adequate

Another thing you need to look at is the size of the unit, as you must ensure it is adequate for your specific needs. If you choose on that is too small, you will struggle to fit in what you need. On the other hand, if you choose one that is too big, you will end up paying extra for space you don’t require. So, consider your needs carefully and choose accordingly.

Check on Amenities

One final thing you should do is to check on the amenities at the facility to ensure it matches your needs perfectly. For instance, check whether there is someone there providing security around the clock, and whether the units can be accessed 24/7. Also look at things such as security – for instance, are there plenty of CCTV cameras and other security features to provide protection?

By looking at all of these factors, you will find it much easier to choose the right storage unit for your needs. This means greater suitability and peace of mind.