glass shower panel

How to Upgrade Bathroom with Fixed Glass Shower Panel?

glass shower panel

What is a Fixed Shower Panel?

glass shower panel

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom and do away with some old rickety shower doors? FIXED GLASS SHOWER panels are the best option and one of the most common alternatives for a modern bathroom arrangement. Recently, glass has gained a lot of popularity and wide acceptance due to its durability and visual appeal. From curved to folding screens, glass can be used in any design in your home.

Switching to a fixed shower panel is a great way to add style and class to your bathroom. As the name implies, a fixed glass shower panel is a panel of glass that is permanently fixed to your shower. The arrangement is in such a way that once set; it doesn’t move or slide. You get to walk in and out of the shower.

How Does this Option Upgrade Our Bathrooms? (Its advantages)

glass shower panel

Still, don’t think a FIXED GLASS SHOWER panel is for you? Here are a couple of reasons why you might be wrong about that:

  • SimpleUpgrade– With the various options available in the market for upgrading your bathroom, getting a suitable one to fit your style and budget can be a bit complicated and time-consuming. Coupled with the installation, which is often a difficult task. Using a fixed glass shower panel eliminates all these worries. A fixed glass panel is the simplest of solutions due to its simplicity and ease of installation. While still giving your bathroom the elegance it deserves.

  • Cost-Effective– Affordability is always an issue, especially when there are so many expensive and also equally inferior products in the market. While upgrading to glass in your bathroom is way costlier than using shower curtains, the beauty that accompanies glass lining your bathroom space will easily make you forget the cost. But for fixed glass shower panels, its affordability is a plus, unlike frameless glass shower doors. Working on a tight budget? Do not worry. A fixed glass shower panel will help you stay within your budgeting limits and still do all the work of transforming your bathroom.

  • Minimal Design– Gone are those days when a big bathroom space was a prerequisite for significant bathroom upgrades. Even with a small bathroom, you can still perfectly fit in a fixed glass shower panel. They are made simple and elegant so as not to consume space, so it will not take up much space. The size is not a disadvantage as a fixed glass shower panel offers you the same advantages as a frameless glass shower like the style and functionality, all on a smaller budget.

  • Easy to Clean– As long as I can recall, cleaning shower curtains have always been a headache for me. The mold and mildew seemed like my worst nightmare until I switched to fixed glass shower panels. Surprisingly easy to clean and hardly collects mold and mildew. With a FIXED GLASS SHOWER panel, all you have to do is wipe them down, and your glass is sparkling once again.

  • Elegant– Bathrooms are almost spiritual for me. Some of the most life-changing ideas I’ve had are in my bathroom. Perhaps the reason why you’re yet to crack that case or resolve that issue at work is that your bathroom lacks style and elegance. A FIXED GLASS SHOWER panel makes your bathroom look bigger and brighter for ideas to flow in.

The Specifications of a Fixed Glass Shower Panel (thickness, glass type, size)

Another issue you might have when going for fixed glass shower panels is determining the size and thickness. While this is the work of a professional, you should know the thickness and size that works for your bathroom. Sizes and glass types are mostly dependent on your taste and preferences and customizable. Yet, deciding on the appropriate thickness to maintain structural integrity is often a challenge for manufacturers.

The glass comes in two thickness options:

3/8” glassis the minimum acceptable thickness for the needed stability for a glass panel. And also a very affordable and less expensive option, which makes it a trendy choice.

1/2” glassis thicker than the 3/8” glass. While the extra thickness adds more stability and strength, the price too is extra. Although it gives more soundness and style appeal. But the weight could prove dangerous attached to a weaker wall.

Your choice on the right thickness to go for is dependent on your budget and personal preferences. Meanwhile, it is best to consult a professional on the most appropriate thickness and type of fixed glass shower panel for your bathroom.

How to Estimate the Size When Ordering Online?

When ordering for your fixed glass shower panel, getting the right measurements is crucial. The tools you’ll need to take correct measures are marking tape, protractor, tape, level, and lead pencil.

First, take your measuring tape and measure the width of the top and bottom portion where you want the fixed glass shower panel to be. Next, vertically measure the height on each side of the opening where you want your fixed glass shower panel. Note all these measurements down and communicate with a professional if you need help. Especially when measuring shower enclosures where you’ll have to take measurements along the base of the door to obtain the right angles.

Installation of a Fixed Glass Shower Panel

Step 1 – Tightening the Screws

To ensure stability, the glass panel is held in place by metal grips. However, you must take note to tighten the screws slowly and carefully as it can break when too much pressure is applied.

Step 2 – Only Use Tempered Glass

The most appropriate type of glass for shower panel is tempered glass. Tempered glass is strengthened with heat and pressure to give much-needed stability and safety. Unlike regular glass that shatters on impact, tempered glass is made to withstand some impact, and it breaks in round and blunt pieces.

Step 3 – Accurate Measurements

Measurements can either make or mar your FIXED GLASS SHOWER panel installation. A glass too short will leave a gap between the glass and the wall. So ensure you use a tape measure to take accurate measurements to avoid complications.

Step 4 – Handling the Glass Shower Panel

Safe handling is crucial. If you handle your glass panel roughly, it may shatter before you have the chance of installing, thereby causing you to spend more. Always handle with care or get someone to help you and keep it wrapped in padding to avoid breaking and scratching.

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