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Need a New Job? Just Curl Your Hair!

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curly-hair-trends woman with black curly hair

It’s officially time for ladies with naturally curly hair to stop complaining. Not only are your effortless ringlets the envy of those of us with more linear locks, but now it appears they may be helping you get better jobs!

Good Morning America recently aired a behavioral study that showed employers are more likely to hire a woman with curly hair than a woman with straight hair. When reporter Taryn Winter Brill met with job recruiters with her hair worn naturally curly, they described her as more “intelligent, articulate and displaying a higher level of confidence” than when she mirrored the interview with a straight hairstyle.

So why the spiral prejudice? The study suggests that people with curly hair are thought of as “low maintenance, independent, self starters, trustworthy and go getters” – all qualities that make up an ideal job candidate.

This is no news to the proclaimed “Queen of Curls” Ouidad, who says, “My clients are strong, independent women who aren’t afraid to show their individuality. Curls give my clients the confidence they need in today’s competitive workplace!”

With today’s dismal economy and rising unemployment rates, any attainable edge is tempting – but apart from ditching a mohawk or three feet of length, something about changing your hairstyle for an employer feels a tad bit unconstitutional to me. Would you ladies do it?

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