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Can Your Mattress Affect Your Health?

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Could it be the mattress causing the tossing and turning and sleepless nights that you endure on almost a nightly basis? Many people are sleeping on the wrong mattress and suffering the debilitating consequences, yet have no clue that this is the culprit. Sleep, diet, and exercise are the three components needed for quality of life. Without a good night’s sleep, you sustain poor decision-making skills, have less energy, and endure more stress during the day. But those ramifications are just the start of many you endure with the wrong mattress.

Sleep Interruptions & Disturbances

Mattresses last an average of about eight years, at which time it is recommended they’re replaced. Not all mattresses last this amount of time, however, so pay attention to the signs that you need to buy a new product and don’t wait if the signs say it is time to buy. A mattress that’s reached this age has probably seen its better days and those lumps and bumps aren’t benefiting your sleep. In fact, the National Sleep Association says that the quality of the mattress impacts the quality of sleep we get each night. Consider Bedding Mart for your new mattress purchase. They have a great selection of mattresses so you can find the one that is just right for you.

A new mattress may seem like a major investment, but once your health takes a turn for the better, you’ll wonder how you waited so long to make the purchase. Besides, it is simple to compare the different mattresses and their costs to find a product that meets your needs. If you don’t wake up feeling refreshed, the mattress is the likely culprit. Stop visiting the doctor and hoping for a cure when improving your health and sleep patterns could be as simple as replacing the mattress.

Older mattresses harbor microscopic dust mites and other pests that not only pollute the air and affect the indoor air quality, but also cause you to itch and experience skin allergies. Nothing will remove mites that have burrowed deep within the fibers of the mattress, so replacing is the only option. A new mattress feels cleaner, fresher, and more comfortable. The very first night in your new bed is one that you will remember because you’ll sleep better than you probably have in a long time.

An old mattress may also disrupt the sleep because it is hot and causes excessive sweating. Although certain medications may cause you to over sweat (including antidepressants), it’s oftentimes nothing more than an old, heavy mattress that has seen better days. Most people agree that it is frustrating to wake up in the middle of the night with a hot and sweaty body. Thus, the wrong mattress disrupts the sleep which causes a slew of disadvantages small and large.

A lack of sleep affects concentration levels, the appetite, and even the immune system. If you’re not sleeping right each night, you may find that you’re often in a bad mood, that you aren’t hungry or don’t eat the right foods, and that you get sicker more since your ability to fight disease is diminished. These things diminish your quality of life considerably and make it hard to make it through the day.

Do You Feel the Pain?

These disadvantages of sleeping on a bad mattress are pretty bad and should entice you to start shopping for that new mattress. Your health is certainly at-risk if the mattress that you’re sleeping on isn’t up to par. But the many disadvantages of sleeping on an old, outdated, or damaged mattress doesn’t end there.

Oftentimes older mattresses don’t provide the level of support they should. As result, your body suffers back pain, neck pain, and joint pain. These are all realistic possibilities. It isn’t easy to sleep on an uncomfortable mattress, especially if your body is aching as result. Enduring aches and pains aren’t necessary; just replace the mattress and leave worries behind.

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