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Plumbing Problems You Should Never Fix Yourself

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While there are several minor plumbing problems that most of us can tackle on our own or with the guidance of a straightforward video tutorial, there are others that require the expertise of a plumbing service.

It might be relatively simple to replace or repair a faucet, tighten a leaky tap, or unclog the toilet. Although, these plumbing issues should be left to the professionals. 

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are undoubtedly a plumbing emergency. Because this plumbing issue requires expertise and specialized tools, you should immediately close the main water and contact an emergency plumber.

A burst pipe can easily release well over 100 gallons of water in a few hours, so switching the water off is crucial. Next, you should also move any furniture or items away from the area and start clearing out the water as soon as possible to prevent potentially costly water damage to your home.

Roots In Pipes

Roots can grow into pipes that are embedded in the ground. Unfortunately, this can cause pipes to burst. But before they burst, you will probably start noticing a decline in water pressure.

Because most of us wouldn’t even know where to start when it comes to removing roots from pipes or if roots are the culprit, it’s best to rely on plumbing service.

Lousy Water Pressure

Lousy water pressure can transform your time in the bath or shower into a frustrating challenge. Fixing the problem is also not always straightforward, as there are several causes of poor water pressure. 

Fortunately, a professional plumber will know exactly how to diagnose and mend the issue.

Frozen Pipes

If you live in a region with substantially freezing winter temperatures, then frozen pipes are a pretty common plumbing complaint in general. However, even though frozen pipes are pretty common, a professional should still address the problem.

The signs of frozen pipes are water that runs in odd bursts or is discolored. If you notice this when using a faucet, you should contact a plumbing service.

Water Heater Replacement

While you will only need to replace the water heater in your home every eight to twelve years, it’s pretty common for water heaters to burst or break before they reach their expiration date. 

Unfortunately, replacing a water heater is not a straightforward task, and professionals should manage this for you. However, because a plumber will diagnose situations where repairs are necessary instead of replacement, calling a plumber could also save you money. 

Home Renovations

Whether you are renovating the kitchen, the bathrooms, or investing in an extensive home makeover, you will need the guidance of a plumber. Even if you are a pretty hands-on homeowner that enjoys DIY projects, an expert plumber is still essential; installing fixtures and fitting while avoiding pipelines requires specialized expertise and equipment. 

Even though there are several plumbing issues that you can fix yourself, whether you have basic or intermediate-level plumbing knowledge, there are situations when an expert plumber can’t be avoided. 

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