paleo friendly cookie emmy's organics review

Review: paleo-friendly cookies. (No, really.)

Whenever I’m surfing Pinterest and land on something about “paleo-friendly cookies”, my eyes roll legit ALL the way back in my head. Okay, let me just spend three hours in the kitchen covered in almond flour and when I emerge, I’ll weakly smile and force this bitter pencil eraser of a baked good on my friends and family. We’ll tell ourselves it’s good as we enter its only saving grace, great macros, into MyFitnessPal.

(Did I mention I hate baking – especially “healthy” baking?)

When I saw that Emmy’s Organics coconut cookies were made with nothing but clean ingredients, certified USDA organic, gluten-free, vegan and paleo-friendly – and came in a package pre-made for me – I naturally assumed they tasted like overhyped dirt. Can you blame me?

paleo friendly cookie emmy's organics review

After all, we’re talking sizeable cookies at ~100 calories, 8g carbs and 1g protein a pop. There’s no way they’re tasty. Right? RIGHT?

I had to figuratively eat my words after literally eating, like…a lot of these cookies. (P.S. If you’re on MyFitnessPal, add @cailinkoy to spy on all my foods!) Every single flavor is delicious, and they meet my personal sugar requirements too! (I won’t eat anything with double digits sugar [while I’m being good…], so nothing over 9g – and these come in at 5g. Nice!)

My eyes are opened… I solemnly swear to now be more open-minded toward the paleo-friendly cookie. And to buy more of these, stat, since I ate ’em all.

(Emmy’s Organics did NOT pay me to say I liked this cookie. I really, in-real-life did.)

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