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How To Pick A Hairstyle To Go With Your Formal Dress

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When it comes to preparing for a formal event, it’s not just about the dress, but your overall look, which includes your hairstyle. Besides the dress and the date, your hairstyle for the event is an important element to consider, and matching your do with your dress is something that requires careful planning. So, to help you, we’ve put together a few popular styles that can be matched with various dresses.

The Romantic, Loose Up-do

This style is great with a lace dress. Keep the hairstyle romantic and soft, so the focus remains on the dress.

Halter Dress and Fishtail Braid

Don’t be scared of hair extensions for the dance. If your hair isn’t quiet long enough, add extensions to create a fishtail brain ponytail that you can pair with a halter dress. Check out a classy prom dress for 2018 at Peaches Boutique to go with your entire look.

Deep V-Neck and a Wavy Lob

With a V-neck dress, you need to balance out the material on your shoulders, which can be done with a fake long bob and loads of waves, all parted to the side.

Thin, Strappy Dresses and Chignons

There are few dresses as feminine as a chiffon dress coupled with thin straps. Complete the romantic look with a low, classy chignon.

Backless Dresses and Bombshell Waves

If your dress is backless, keep the hair simple and sultry.

One-Shouldered Gowns and Ballerina Buns

When you opt for a one-shouldered gown, the goal should be keep your hair off your neck so that the spotlight remains on the dress. That being said, a high and rather large ballerina bun works beautifully.

Turtleneck Gowns and Sleek Ponytails

If you’ve chosen a turtleneck formal dress, pull your tresses into a sleek ponytail to make the neck the centre of attention.

Strapless Dress and Buns

With a strapless dress, a statement necklace or chandelier earrings make great accessories, so balance the look with a low yet voluminous bun.

Sweetheart Necklines and Pumped Ponytails

If your choice for the event is a sweetheart neckline, we suggest a pumped-up ponytail to complete your look.

What About Square and Round Necklines?

A square or round neckline on a dress shows off your shoulders and provides a soft look. Most dresses with these necklines will have some sort of sleeve style, be it short sleeves, long sleeves or cap sleeves.

These kinds of necklines work well with free-flowing styles that are simple and use twists, clips or even braids. Square and round necklines are best worn with hair pulled away from the collar or face. For a super-sultry look, go for free-flowing curls around the shoulders. If you have shorter hair, a pixie look works great. To get a pixie look, smother gel through your hair and blow dry with a brush. Then, when the hair dries, use wax to complete your look. You can also sweep up side hairs onto your back, and brush bangs onto the side.


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