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Old Hollywood Makeup Part 1: Eye Makeup [VIDEO]

Ready for some Old Hollywood makeup? I’ve been into the style ever since I dressed as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween (admittedly I did not pull it off as well as Debby Ryan did Marilyn).

Cailin as Dottie Hinson A League of Their Own Halloween Makeup and Old Hollywood Redhead HairThis year, I went as Dottie Hinson (the spitfire girl ballplayer played by Geena Davis from A League of Their Own) since I was determined to stay a redhead for Halloween.  Dottie’s makeup is Old Hollywood, but a little rougher and dirtier since she likes to play in the clay. I kicked her simpler look up a notch cause, well, I’m not playing baseball outside.

Here’s the video with my usual touch of humor and complete lack of class:

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Jemma Kidd’s Guide To The Smoky Eye Look

Model turned makeup artist Jemma Kidd is spilling all her secrets – she’s released a line of beauty products for Target (I swear that store gets cooler every day) and written her own guide on making your face bee-yoo-tee-full. Gorgeous and smart. Do we really need any more people to hate?

jemma-kidd makeup tipsHere’s Jemma’s guide on how to apply smoky eye makeup using her line of Target goodies:

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