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Celebrity Beauty Product Picks: Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl Beautiful Blonde Hair ColorShe may have caught widespread flak for her snub of Knocked Up and of the Grey’s Anatomy writers, but no one’s criticizing One For The Money star Katherine Heigl’s looks. (Only perhaps her use of “the ugly truth”. Get it? Like her 2009 film The Ugly Truth? Eh? Yeah, I laugh at my own jokes. Someone has to.)

Here’s what the starlet uses to stay so gorgeous (other than a frustratingly perfect genetic roll of the dice):

  • Chanel Glossimer lip gloss: “I swear I have about 1,400,” Katherine admits of the popular lipgloss choice.
  • Mrs. Heigl uses Arcona Tea Tree Mask on her face about once a week. “Now I rarely get a breakout.”
  • Stila Cheek Mousse, which she applies to her cheekbones and brow bone, gives the 27 Dresses actress her healthy glow.
  • Pointing to a beauty product classic, Miss Heigl’s go-to product is Smith’s Rosebud Salve. “I always have it with me.”

Makeup Tips: Brush Your Eyebrows!

Woman With Bold Brows Brush Your Eyebrows JPGI’m starting a new series called Makeup Tips – it’s like the short and sweet version of the typical Makeup How-tos posts. (We’re all just trying to get out the door, am I right?) Let me know if you guys like it!

Katherine Heigl Beautiful Blonde Hair ColorMakeup tip du jour: Want to look polished everyday? Do what Katherine Heigl does, according to Glamour Magazine: brush your brows out every day before leaving the house. Even if you don’t think you have terribly gnarly eyebrow hair…well, it’s probably worse than you think, and it just gives your face that extra finished look. Give it a try – brush some clear mascara over it and check out how cleaned up you look!
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Hair Colorists to The Stars

Lauren Conrad Perfect Ombre Hair ColorWondering who does your favorite celebrity’s hair color? Unfortunately, stars and their hairstylists stay so tight-lipped about their style secrets that it’s hard to get a straight answer. (I’m looking to make a followup post about the professionals who cut and style celebrity hair as well, since while in LA I got to visit the fabulous Warren Tricomi salon where Lauren Conrad gets her hair done.) Luckily, I’ve got the scoop for you ladies! Here are a few celebs and the stylists they trust with their hair:

  • Katherine Heigl Beautiful Blonde Hair ColorKatherine Heigl swears by Frank Friscioni at the Oscar Blandi Salon in NYC for her warm blonde haircolor.
  • Debra Messing and Blake Lively both get their color perfect with Rona O’Connor at Lukaro in Beverly Hills.
  • Jennifer Lopez uses colorist David Gonzalez at Oribe in Miami.
  • Ashley Olsen keeps her locks lusciously ombre blonde with Lorri Goddard Clark at the Neil George Salon in Beverly Hills. Lorri also colors the hair of a host of other starlets, including Drew Barrymore, Raquel Welch, Michelle Pfeiffer, Kirsten Dunst, and Reese Witherspoon.

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Image source: Random Chic