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How To: Choose The Right Haircut

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Most of you ladies have probably gotten a haircut that looked beautiful – that day, at least. But we have to live with our hair every day, not just when we’ve come straight from the salon. The key to getting a great, versatile haircut that you can wear up, down or in between is choosing one that works for your hair type. Here’s a simple guide to choosing a cut perfect for your hair type:

Jessica Alba Wavy HaircutIf you have naturally thick, wavy hair:

Choose a haircut that’s blunt across the bottom, then layered evenly throughout. (This amount of layering would look too choppy on fine hair, but it works with your thick locks. You lustrous girl, you.)

For styling: blow-dry with a diffuser attachment, then touch up those face-framing curls using a curling iron with a medium sized barrel (try 1 1/2 inch). You can also create curls all over with the curling iron, then break them up gently with your fingers to create a sexy, disheveled look.

Your celebrity hair double: Jessica Alba (Now if she’s your celebrity body double, don’t talk to me.)

Eva Longoria Straight Angled Bob HaircutIf you wear your thick hair straight:

Go for an angled haircut with heavy layers around your face; it’s the haircut that offers the most definition, so straight hairstyles look sleeker.

For styling: In general, you’ll look best with your hair parted to one side or the other, with the side with less hair tucked behind one ear. Create the side part while hair is still wet. Starting with the layers underneath, use a round brush to blow-dry strands down and toward the face. Smooth face-framing strands with a flat iron.

Your celebrity hair double: Eva Longoria


Gabrielle Union Celebrity HairstylesIf you have relaxed hair or soft curls:

Your best haircut embraces your length to help weigh your hair down, so keep it shoulder-length. Too avoid frizz, keep layers to a minimum. You’re lucky – this is one of the few hair types where a center part is actually flattering.

For styling: Use a small barreled curling iron (1″ or less) or small rollers to define curls. Gel and Frizz-Ease are your friends. Wrap thin sections of hair around the iron and release after a couple of seconds. After hair has cooled, fluff curls with a wide toothed comb or hairpick – curls that are too perfect will look severe.

Your celebrity hair double: Gabrielle Union

Cameron Diaz Celebrity HairstylesIf you have fine hair:

Layering this cut is tricky, so go to someone you trust. Ask for concentrated layers around the face, but avoid blended layers, since you have less volume to blend with. To fake fullness, the back is cut slightly shorter, creating the illusion of more hair in the front.

For styling: To easily create volume, spritz dry hair with hairspray and run fingers through it to give hair lift and separation. Try washing with Phyto Phytovolume Shampoo and then use a leave-in before blowdrying. Soft curls can create the illusion of more volume – just don’t separate them too much.

Your celebrity hair double: Cameron Diaz

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  1. I like how you mentioned that relaxed hair should be kept shoulder-length. I’ve been thinking about trying a new hairstyle for a change. I have pretty relaxed hair, so whatever I do, I’ll try and keep it shoulder length.

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