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Trends to Watch Out for in Newly Constructed Homes

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The forecast for total construction may have fallen in recent months by about 5% but the outlook for spending is still up 1% to 2%, with many plot owners deciding to go ahead and build the home of their dreams despite the challenging times. Indeed, recent world events have changed the way homeowners view and relate to their homes, with many valuing home life and home entertainment like never before. If you are currently talking with architects and designers, the following trends may provide you with the inspiration you need to turn your home into a true escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind.

Embracing Sustainability

Families in America are ready to lead more sustainable lifestyles and they are ready to put their money where their mouth is. New homes in Delaware beaches and other places are embracing features such as sunroofs for renewable energy, automated systems to control heating and cooling and reduce energy wastage, and the use of sustainable materials for everything from flooring to walls and splashbacks. Even reclaimed wood is being turned into art for key decorative pieces such as tables and wall art, so that interior design is increasingly matching the ethos of both interior and exterior eco-friendly architecture. Composite doors Bristol can be a good resource for eco friendly doors.

Community Living
The idea of potentially having to stay home longer than we thought has brought about a yearning for living structures that embrace close contact within a limited space. In areas such as Westhampton in Delaware, for instance, community homes are being built in vast tracts of land in which over half of the available space consists of lush natural spots. The idea is to foster closeness while also offering opportunity for safe, outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, and playing outdoor sports within a safe, sometimes gated setting.

Outdoor Play Areas
Gardens are being seen as much more than an opportunity to put one’s horticultural abilities to use. They are now being seen as ideal points of entertainment in which pools can be married to outdoor covered terraces, outdoor kitchens, and even bars. Some outdoor kitchens have a plethora of high-end equipment that may not necessarily fit well in standard kitchens. These include wood-burning stoves for pizzas and Josper grills for the ultimate grilled meat and fish dishes. As these pieces of equipment are pricey and potentially vulnerable to the elements, they are being housed within structures that can be open or closed via electric sliding doors.

Sun Rooms
These light-filled spaces, which can double up as a living room, kitchen, or library/lounging space, is seen as a new escape from high-tech environments. Often ensconced next to gardens, they are graced with features such as ceiling-to-floor glass sliding doors, which enable as much light as possible to reach the entirety of a floor. This effect can be heightened by embracing an open floor plan, which is still very much holding sway in new home builds. The idea of connecting spaces while also reducing the reliance on external light, is seen as a perfect way to enhance communication while doing one’s share to lower one’s family’s carbon footprint.

If you will be building your new home in the upcoming months, take note of trends that may be around for at least a few decades. Some of the strongest trends holding sway include that of sustainability for energy needs and in the choice of materials. Natural light, communal living spaces, and a new value given to garden and outdoor spaces will also be wielding importance in the age of new normality.

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