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Why Sex After Menopause Is Essential

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Sex after menopause may be looked at as a downhill spiral of dried up hormones and a faltering sex drive. But this assumption is not the complete and final story. There are plenty of women that are over 50-years-old that are sexually active and enjoying it immensely. In fact, there are several reasons why sex after menopause is essential. 

 No pregnancy worries

When you are in your 20s, 30s, and 40s, you have a lot of responsibilities that can interfere with your sexual enjoyment. For one, you are either trying to take care of your children, or you are looking to prevent yourself from having kids altogether. 

Even in your 40s, there are still worries that you can get pregnant unexpectedly. But as soon as you are menopausal, that concern disappears. This means no more tampons, pads, pills, diaphragms, IUDs, or condoms.

Uninterrupted Sex

After you are 50, there is much less of a chance that your children are interrupting your sex life activities in the middle of the night. Children are older and more independent, offering more time for couples to be romantic with each other.

You Know What You Want

Menopause is a new frontier for a lot of women because they realize that they have put their sexuality on hold for their careers, responsibilities, and the other millions of ways that their time gets divided up on a daily basis. This can cause women to want to make up for a lost time or to make sure that they can bring desires to life, leading to them becoming less inhibited as they age. 

You May Want it More

Medical experts will tell you that declining hormones could mean you’ll want sexual encounters less, but that isn’t necessarily true. If the desire is a problem, hormone management can be of assistance. Long-term usage of traditional hormone replacement therapies, which include estrogen and progestin, are no longer recommended due to the heart and health risks. But there are other ways to address this. Hormone therapies that include testosterone are being looked into as a method to boost libido, 

Financially Stable

Often enough, be the time a woman enters into menopause, she may be more financially solid and have fewer money worries. This can lead to the feeling that more time and money can be spent to spice up sexual lifestyles with pricey lingerie and expensive hotel rooms for the weekend. After all of that hard work, it is time to play. 

It is more likely that menopausal women will have achieved their career goals, making for a woman with lower stress levers. Stress has a very negative effect on sex and poses an interference to intimate desire. desire and 


Hormonal changes in midlife can lead to vaginal dryness. But even with that said, it can be an excuse to experiment and discover new, more pleasurable experiences, courtesy of the lubricant aisle at your local drugstore.

Vaginal dryness after menopause may encourage women to experiment with vaginal lotions designed to promote vasodilation and pleasure.

Partner Problems Can Be Fixed

It may feel like a nightmare for a woman in menopause is to have the freedom to have sex more regularly but to have a partner who can’t rise to the occasion like they can because of premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and low hormones. But not to worry, like many things in the modern age, there are treatments for these obstacles. 

Even if there are unresolved sexual problems for an older partner of a menopausal woman, these more mature sexual partners may be more willing to make up for performance problems with extended foreplay and sex toys.

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