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10 Dorm Room Beauty & Style Essentials

It’s time to go off to school, and living in a dorm means a tight space. It also means one of the few times in your life where you get to style a space that’s truly your own. Make it fun, make it feminine, and revel in the time before you have to compromise your style with what someone else wants.

With that in mind, here are my top 10 dorm room style must-haves with a beauty bent, of course (after all, this IS Sassy Dove):

Top 10 Must-Haves For Your Dorm Room Collage

  1. Indulge in a big, feminine wall mirror – they’re a space saver, and they automatically fancy up your space.
  2. Mason jars have a billion uses (glasses, makeup brush jars, vases, candle holders – the list goes on), which makes them perfect for dorm life – and the blue ones are the chicest.
  3. You really need a cute decor-friendly iPhone charger to keep you going. (Plug it in next to your hairdryer and recharge while you primp, like I do.)
  4. Kleenex Oval Expressions YellowKleenex Expressions has beautiful new chevron designs that work in every decor – and tissues have endless beauty uses. Get them at your local Walmart Supercenter.
  5. Meet your new favorite chair – a patterned, padded, fun beauty that you can use studying, watching TV or as a vanity chair while you work your makeup magic.
  6. When your roomie is hogging the bathroom, you need your own makeup case! Why shouldn’t it be as squee-worthy as this little French bulldog cuteness?
  7. Some super-cute throw pillows work for sleeping, relaxing, and decorating. Are you picking up on the chic versatility theme?
  8. Floral makeup brushesensure that your roommate never has an excuse to say she accidentally used your brush. So not hygienic.
  9. A dry erase boardwith a pretty finish will keep you organized in chic style and is a great space saver.
  10. Jewelry gets messy and lost in a small dorm room! Save it with a stylish jewelry tree.

Cailin Poses With KleenexOf course, form and function are important in small spaces, which is one reason Kleenex plays such a great role in home decor with their new Chevron Expression Oval Designs. You can get them at Walmart, along with all of the other goodies mentioned above. Look how much fun we had just shopping for them!

How to style a room with Kleenex, you might ask? It’s simpler than you think when the boxes are this chic already. Just look at my desk area jazzed up with a simple box of Kleenex Expressions – it fit effortlessly in:

My desk with Kleenex Expressions Oval Round Chevron Blue

What are your dorm room beauty and style must-haves?

Thanks to Kleenex + Walmart for sponsoring today’s discussion.

30 thoughts on “10 Dorm Room Beauty & Style Essentials”

  1. That chair is gorgeous! Jewelry trees are definitely essentials. I even like using them purely as decorations (not hanging any jewelry on them sometimes)!

  2. I have an obsession with all things chevron! I love those adorable new Kleenex boxes! Those makeup brushes are adorable too! Thanks for sharing!

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