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Corioliss Pink Flat Iron Review – Or, A “Dear CHI” Letter

Corioliss Classic Pro Flat Iron

Dear CHI,

We’ve been together for such a long time, and through the years, I’ve been completely loyal to you. I’ve turned away countless other flat irons… but now, I’m sorry to tell you: I’ve found someone new. His name is Corioliss Classic Pro.

Please try to understand my reasons, CHI. Cory dresses much better than you do (pink is the new black, you know), and frankly, he weighs less. (This may not be the time to bring it up,  but have you considered going on a diet?)

He’s just as hot as you are, but unlike you, he’s never burned me. He’s doing great at his job, and I think we have a real future together.

Long pink amazing Samantha-Jones-sex and the city

Don’t think of this as goodbye, CHI… we’ll always be friends, and you’ll be right there, in the bathroom drawer.

(Well… maybe the guest bathroom drawer.)

Best wishes,


P.S.: I’m taking the Silk Infusion.

26 thoughts on “Corioliss Pink Flat Iron Review – Or, A “Dear CHI” Letter

  1. Love it!! 🙂 Brilliant to write it as a Dear X letter.

    Looks like fun – I have pretty short/straight-ish hair but would totally look into it if I had longer hair. Love the pink, too.

  2. Haha, the Samantha meme cracked me up. I want to try this if it made you write such a letter to your Chi. I’ve had my Chi for 11 years and I love it, but if you found something better… well,….

  3. haha this made me chuckle! I love CHI too and have been super loyal to CHI, but CHI may be getting sent to the curb for Cory!! I’m super interested! Lol 😉

  4. That is such a cute flat iron! I must admit I have never used one. My hair is just desperately straight, even hairdressers can’t get it curly. I tried perm back in Junior High and even that didn’t stick. So no need for straigtening.

  5. Haha, this is perfect! I don’t usually straighten my hair but sometimes I deal with those annoying little kinks, I might have to try this out!

  6. hahaha, this was the best letter to your straightener ever! I REALLY suck at straightening my hair, but maintain it’s because I am lazy and haven’t found the right straightener

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