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How to Choose Your Perfect Wedding Destination

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As a wedding guest, have you ever felt like you have seen it all? From surprise weddings to those hilarious best man speeches, it’s hard to create something that has never been done before. Now that it’s your turn to walk down the aisle, you might find yourself daydreaming about something off the beaten track.

Destination weddings are the ultimate shakeup, with you and your guests treated to a unique experience that cannot be repeated ever again. So now that we have addressed the ‘why’, we can start to ponder the ‘where’! This is where the fun truly starts. Whether you are looking for a tropical or hinterland wedding, let’s weigh up all your considerations so that you make the right choice of where to tie the knot with your nearest and dearest.

Consider the weather

You shouldn’t have to plan an event around the weather, but your wedding is not just any event. Weather can make or break any day, and some destinations are more culpable to unpredictable weather. Sure, there is marquee hire to provide ample shelter, but you also want to have great weather for photos as well as safe and dry entrances and exits. If you are considering an Australian wedding as many couples around the world are, QLD, South Australia and Western Australia will be your best best for a rain-free day. That said, if you choose to be a summer bride then you might find it to be a hot day! You might also want to consider the coastal towns in New Zealand, Fiji or Indonesia for a warm and wonderful special day.

Assess the needs of your family and guests 

Your wedding day is well and truly your day, but that’s no to say that you shouldn’t be keeping the needs of your family and guests in mind. A fabulous wedding in Greece is always going to be a hit, but is it worth it if you’re grandparents and young nieces and nephews can’t be there to see you marry your soul mate? Understand what is the maximum distance that your loved ones would conceivably travel, and then look to see what countries and cities fall within that radius. It would be fair to say that the further you go, the more expensive, so don’t expect great wedding gifts if your guests are shelling out for an international flight halfway across the globe! 

Find a hotel or all-inclusive package

Any married couple will tell you that an organised events team and a responsive venue makes a world of difference. Many couples choose a venue because they fall in love with it, but don’t take the time to appreciate all the planning and managing that will need to take place to pull your concept together. If you are choosing a destination wedding, seriously consider having the wedding at a hotel so that you can rely on a team of professionals to orchestrate a wedding that surpasses your wildest dreams. Menu planning, room styling and entertainment bump-one are all managed by hotel staff, absolving you of that drama. If you don’t want to have the wedding at a hotel, look for a venue that has an all-inclusive package that rounds off all requirements, big and small.

We’re sure you don’t need a reminder of how many decisions you need to make before your wedding day, but the ‘where’ is probably the most critical decision to make. If you are a visual person, it might help to pull up a map and sit down with your partner to decide where you can feasibly tie the knot. Happy travelling!

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