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Fur-Cuffed Creme Gloves From Moon Cats

Moon Cats Gloves
Luna Diana Artemis from Sailor Moon say qu
If you’re like me, when you read the title of the post you thought, “WHOA. Are you seriously exploiting those poor endangered cats on the moon for their fur? Cailin, how could you?”

Luna, Diana and Artemis want you to quit exploiting mooncats for their fur! (And people probably harvest those little crescent things on their heads too. Also NOT cool.)

Simmer down there, doves – Moon Cats is a fashion accessories brand, and the fur is faux, tee why vee em. I would never wear real fur and Luna is my homekitten.

Moon Cats Fur Cuffed Off-White Gloves

Moon Cats sells everything from chunky oblong scarves to wraps and oversized capes, trendy lightweight scarves and infinity scarves, legant gloves, warm knit winter hats and stylish headwraps, and even some styles for men. Most of their trendy scarves are less than $40 and they offer free shipping to the US for orders over $50, so it’s affordability and stylishness in one. And who’s not a sucker for accessories? Sign this gal UP.

dexter black gloves serial killerdexter black gloves serial killer
Don’t bother. Dexter makes black leather gloves look better than you ever will.

I’ve been after a truly fierce pair of gloves for awhile and I’m not down with that generic Isotoners look; no amount of cashmere lining can make those black leather ones everyone wears NOT look serial killer-esque.

That’s why these fur-cuffed beauties from Moon Cats caught my eye. I think creme (or “beige”, or “taupe”, or “cream” spelled the way cats eat it, or whatever you want to call it) is the official fashion color of classy. Did I mention they’re touchscreen-compatible?

Moon Cats Fur Cuffed Off-White Gloves Redhead

Moon Cats sells exclusively online at MoonCats.com. Now I’m eyeing some of those lovely scarves. If you are too, don’t forget to use our exclusive discount code: SASSYDOVE30OFF to get 30% off your order. (Code valid through 7/31/15).

What do you think of these lovely gloves? How would you style them?

Thanks to Moon Cats for providing a free sample of their product. No other compensation was exchanged and all opinions are 100% my own. (Just try getting me to NOT express my opinion.)

3 thoughts on “Fur-Cuffed Creme Gloves From Moon Cats

  1. Those are sexy! I thought you lived in AZ so I can’t see you using them much but I think they’re very nice. I’d love a pair!!

    1. Haha, thanks Adrienne – I do live in AZ but winters and nights can get pretty cold, and I’d rather save something lovely and indulgent like this for only a few months out of the year. Plus they just look so darn charming sitting on the accessories shelf in my closet.

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