Makeup Myths Skipping Mascara on Lower Lashes Feature

Makeup Myths: Skipping Mascara on Lower Lashes

Makeup Myths Skipping Mascara on Lower LashesWe girls are told from a young age not to apply mascara to our lower eyelashes for a multitude of reasons:

“It’ll cast a shadow on your face!”

“Your makeup will look too heavy!”

“It makes lower lashes look spidery and gross!”

Not so! Ladies, as many of you have doubtlessly been discovered, we have been lied to. Using a quality mascara, lower lash mascara is usable in almost every makeup look. In fact, for smoky eyes and many other looks it’s an absolute necessity.

The same thing goes for eyeliner on the lower lash line – cosmetics counter know-it-alls are constantly preaching that lining the lower lid will make your eyes look smaller. In truth, lower lid eyeliner actually makes your eyes look bigger when done right. Don’t listen to the haters, girls – wear what looks good on ya!

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