The benefits of playing with reborn dolls to children

Do you still remember when you were still a child, playing with all those toys? Can you even remember what your favorite toy is? These days, children do not also play with their toys; they prefer using gadgets to entertain themselves. Well, there might be advantages in using gadgets to entertain oneself; there are also disadvantages. In this article, we will be talking about The benefits of playing with reborn dolls to children. Yes, you heard it right, reborn dolls, not just any ordinary dolls.

Before anything else, let me introduce you to reborn dolls. Reborn dolls or commonly known as Silicone baby dolls, this kind of dolls emerged in the early 1990s. Many doll enthusiasts thirsted for a more realistic doll, thus pushing the dolls they make into a realistic approach, and walking down the path of reborning. Reborning is the process of making lifelike and realistic dolls using the material named silicone and vinyl, by using these two materials, one can then express the tenderness, likeliness, and naturalism of the skin of a baby. After being successful in making a reborn doll, it soon became a trend. Reborn dolls or silicone baby dolls were firstly seen and also became popular in the United States. Then the trend soon flew to the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and Canada.

In today’s technology producing dolls that look very much alike to a baby is not impossible to the point that you may not even recognize it. Reborn dolls or silicone dolls have their benefits to both the parents and the children. The primary use of silicone baby dolls for parents is to replace the longingness, and sadness they feel from losing their child. For now, let us know the primary use of silicone baby dolls or reborn dolls to the children.

What is the primary use of silicone baby dolls or reborn dolls?

Children use dolls as a form of entertainment. As we all know, children are sometimes left in the house with their nannies because their parents go to work early, one way to relieve their boredom is to play with dolls. They can hone their confidence, creativity, and ability to speak while playing with dolls. They can hone their confidence in the way that in the future, they can talk to a person without getting shy and stuttering. They can hone their creativity in the way that they can imagine different scenarios while playing with their dolls. And lastly, they can hone their ability to speak by using the dolls as their audience, so in the future, their way of speaking will be advanced. While learning, they can also have fun! Convenient right?

Now that we have discussed the uses of silicone baby dolls or reborn dolls, we can now move on to the advantages of owning a silicone baby doll or reborn doll to children.

The benefits of owning a silicone baby doll:

  • Social skills– Whilst playing with their dolls, they can learn how to communicate with another person while being polite, they can also learn how to take care of people just by taking care of their dolls! Playing with dolls can help speed up their speech development and stage fright. By simply communicating with the dolls, they can slowly find their rhythm and get along with others.
  • Responsibility– Whilst playing with dolls, they can develop and learn their own responsibility, just by learning how to take care of a doll can lead to a fruitful start. They can learn how to take care of the people surrounding them and learn the right and wrong.
  • Empathy and Compassion– Whilst playing with their dolls, they can learn how to feel empathy towards others, just by simply imagining that a doll is sick and you are taking care of it. Playing with dolls can teach their brain on how to process their emotions. In the future, they can grow into a loving child!
  • Imagination– Whilst playing with their dolls, they can hone their imagination skills by simply imagining different scenarios in their min with their dolls, they can then learn how to be creative.
  • Essential Life Skills– Whilst playing and taking care of the dolls, they can learn how to take a bath, feed themselves, and proper hygiene. By simply feeding the dolls, they can learn how to feed themselves while learning the proper etiquette. By simply bathing the doll, they can learn how to take a bath by themselves. By simply cleaning up the area where they played with the doll and cleaning the doll, one can learn how to take good care of oneself hence learning proper hygiene.
  • Preparing for a sibling– Whilst taking good care of your dolls, you can now apply all the skills you know to your upcoming sibling to take care of them!

Review From A Skeptic: TTDeye Spanish Blue Contact Lenses

Before I start sharing my review, I must disclose this small fact before all of you: I’m a huge skeptic when it comes to using contact lenses in general. Over the last couple of years, I have reduced my time wearing such lenses because sometimes it gets increasingly tedious when it comes to cleaning and maintenance of the lenses.

Moreover, I also get paranoid over germs getting into my lenses along with my lens case – when wearing them again. This is the reason why I had exclusively moved to everyday old glasses, but something changed last month – which I’m going to share with all of you happily.

My Birthday Gift

So, my birthday was due 25th of last month, and I was wondering about any spectacular gifts that I can gift to myself. I’m not the extravagant type of person who would be buying costly materialistic but would rather be happy with simple things that would improve my overall day-to-day interactions. So, I thought of changing my glasses for a new one, as the ones I was wearing were already two years old and are therefore due for a change. 

Thus, I started browsing some of the best online e-commerce stores for finding my perfect pair of glasses, and that was when I was suggested by my mom to try contact lenses for the first time. I was hesitant, but my mother persuaded me to at least try them out, and in case I didn’t like them, I can always go back to my good old glasses. And that’s when I started researching contact lenses in general. I was a total novice, but it took me around two days to finally get a grip on the contact lenses market along with the relevant brands for the same.

That’s when I came across a brand such as TTDeye. But, what fascinated me was that this brand was selling something different than the regular contact lenses brands, and that is coloured contacts. Generally, I knew that contact lenses should be clear and should be devoid of any colour – just like glasses. But, what I found was immensely different than what I had generally hoped for.

Buying Experience

Thus, I decided to take the plunge for myself and ordered myself a pack of blue contact lenses. I absolutely love the colour blue, and this was the only lens that I could find that met my expectations. The buying procedure was like shopping on any other e-commerce website, so there was nothing to go wrong here.

I chose the product along with my prescription (since I had different vision power in each of my eyes) and then added it to my cart. The total cost was coming to around $39, including shipping, which was much lesser than what I’d generally spend on a pair of regular glasses. Therefore, I have to say, TTDeye saved me some significant funds which I can use elsewhere.

The shipping provided by TTDeye was free of cost and they do worldwide shipping at no additional charge. My package was expected to reach me within two weeks – just in time for my birthday.

Unboxing Experience

The unboxing or unpacking experience was reasonably simple, to begin with as the box in which the lenses came in was easy to open, and all the required items and accessories were packed nicely into the same. There was no fear of things getting damaged or broken, and along with the primary lenses, you get some added accessories as well.

I was able to start wearing my lenses in no time, and there was nothing to complain about the product – in general.

Wearing Experience

As this was my first time wearing contact lenses, it took some time getting used to, which can be rightfully disregarded. The lenses come with a naturally blue colour tone, and since my eyes were light grey in colour, these blues were a perfect match for the same. I absolutely loved the colour scheme, and there was no segregation when it came to the outer ring and inner ring.

I found out that the lenses were FDA approved, which is indeed a beautiful thing to have since I can start using them without any worries whatsoever. Furthermore, they were soft to touch and can last up to 12 months if used in the right manner – which I’m surely going to do.

Coming to the overall design of the lenses, these lenses looked better in real-life than what I had previously seen on their website. Moreover, the blue colour looked insanely flattering on my eyes and added a sense of mystery to my entire face. Even though the lenses don’t add much enlargement to my eyes, I’m still happy with the results – mainly because I’m entirely new in this segment for contact lenses. 

Furthermore, these lenses are incredibly comfortable to wear, and there was no amount of irritation or discomfort that I felt. They came with a high amount of water content which was ideal for my eyes since my eyes are indeed drier, to begin with. However, I was also using eye drops in between my long-wearing sessions, which made the process more seamless and effortless.

Final Verdict

Needless to say, my birthday was indeed very well spent. One of the significant moments for me was that I got to try something new and it indeed blew me away, on the first try. My mother was also happy as usual because she was ecstatic to see me in this new pair of coloured contacts. Rarely do I see my mom being so excited about something, and this brought tears of joy in my eyes.

I’m delighted with my purchase, and if given the opportunity, I’d buy two other pairs as well – which I’m going to do slowly over the next few months. TTDeye have a wide range of products on their website, so I doubt that you’d get bored with their overall range of coloured contacts. Now I wish I had birthdays every month!

Home Remodeling: Ingenious Tricks to Decorate Your Porch

Are you looking for a well-embellished porch where you can enjoy the feeble sun of winter and the beauty of spring? Get ready to adorn your porch with some creative ideas! To help you elevate your outdoor oasis, here we have combed six decorating ideas that will give you chic outdoor spots that everyone else can only keep admiring. From embellishing it with flowers to adding porch drapes, these decorating ideas will create an Insta-worthy feed with a relaxing spot in the house. 

The best of porch decorating ideas wait ahead, keep scrolling. 

Porch Swing

If you need a porch that speaks fun times and quirky looks, all you need to do is add a porch swing. From enjoying the rain shower to swirling around with the butterflies, a porch swing will help you embrace the best swirls of all seasons. The options for a porch swing are endless, be it an expensive egg chair, a wooden swing, or a classic wicker swing. You can even decorate the swing with colourful lights and cushions to make it look more desirable. 

Add Flowers

No matter where the world takes us, flowers are never going out of trend! Emulate the perfect garden look on your porch by decorating it with flowers. Add different types and colours of flowers, and we bet your neighbours will take notes on how to decorate the porch. For flower pots, use old cans, sprinklers, bottles, and even wheelbarrows to add a raw yet alluring touch. Flourishing with flora is one creative and pocket-friendly way of decorating.

Porch Drapes

Are you looking for a way to infuse a colour palette on your porch without getting it painted again? Well, look no more because porch drapes are what you need. It’ll sprinkle some immediate visual interest, and it’s also a good option to escape the scorching heat during the summer. For the time where you decide to throw an open house party, you can drop the drapes and put on some fancy lights. Porch drapes are good for days when you want to curl up with your favourite book in hand.

Creating a seating Place

If you have enough space in your porch area, you can add a medium-sized couch with a small coffee table. Ones with small porch spaces can go for bean bags. Throw some quirky outdoor rugs and lights near the couch to make it the new focal point. Placing just a rustic bench will also complement the porch. Click here to get more tips on how to create a seating place.

Use the Antiques

When you thought that your antiques have started looking way too weary, here comes a chance to use them again. Use antique wooden furniture and metallic decorative items to bring a rustic yet pleasing look. Bring out those old wooden boxes or mirror frames, and you’re all set to invite your guests to an amazing vintage porch. If you wish to take it up a notch, paint all the wooden material with white. 

Make it all pastel

Here’s your time to create the unicorn magic in your porch by sprinkling pastel all over it. You need everything in pastel to get the desired look and voila! You have this cute little porch to flaunt. Get pastel couches, cushion, dim fairy lights, candle holder, curtains, and even the coffee table. However, if you can’t find everything in pastel, then, you can always colour it pastel.

Turn your porch into this fun and chill wonderland for all your social gatherings, alone time, and your romantic evenings as well. These decorating ideas are failproof, and we stamp that you won’t regret trying them!

Is Acrylic Wall Paint Toxic for Skin?

You can find wall paints of so many types in the market. If you are thinking about renovating your old home, the options in paints may seem quite overwhelming. We tend normally choose a specific paint that’s best for wall painting based on several factors. 

One of the popular variants that you may find in the market would be acrylic wall paint. These paints are made from acrylic resins. Because of the presence of chemicals, acrylic wall paint is known to last longer on walls. 

Acrylic paints are popular for wall painting because they offer greater elasticity. With fluctuations in the temperature, the paint tends to contract and expand accordingly, which reduces the chances of developing cracks and flakes. As they are more resistant and durable, acrylic paints are an excellent option for painting the exterior of a house. If you need to redo your exterior wall paint, hire painting services in Bangalore to get the job done by professionals. 

number sign red symbol color signage stop sign art illustration danger safety stop caution warning shape

General Safety Concerns with Wall Paints

Most paints used for wall painting are not toxic. However, some artists use pigments for painting murals that can include a toxic wall paint. Therefore, it is essential to go through the manufacturer’s details in order to figure out the different compositions of the paint. Ideally, you should visit the manufacturer’s website to check the materials safety data sheet (MSDS)

However, toxic wall paint mainly seems to bother when it is ingested. It is never a good idea to smoke, drink, or eat while painting. And once the job is done, you should wash your hands immediately. 

Are Acrylic Paints Safe for Your Skin?

Acrylic wall paint isn’t toxic for interior and exterior wall painting. These paints are not dangerous or harsh to your skin. However, you shouldn’t let the paint dry on your skin. Otherwise, it can easily clog your pores and lead to breakouts. If you have an open wound, it might inhibit the healing process. Therefore, you should be very careful while using acrylic wall paint if you have acne, blisters, cuticle issues, and so on. 

Acrylic paint can also make your skin extremely dry. Therefore, continually exposing your skin to it can result in skin cracking or flaking. 

If you are using acrylic paint regularly, it is essential to clean up thoroughly for at least two days. Try to use an astringent for cleaning your pores, and do not forget to moisturize properly. 

How to Clean Up Acrylic Paint?

Most acrylic paints you will find in the market are safe. Unlike oil-based wall paints, acrylic paints are known to be made from water-based solvents. Though it is not a toxic wall paint, you should carefully read the instructions mentioned by the manufacturer for cleaning it up.

The best way to clean would involve the use of warm soapy water. All you need to do is rub off the paint with it. Some people say that rubbing baby oil on the paint also does the job. 

When the paint dries on your skin, it turns solid. It might require some effort to pull the paint off. Therefore, gently rubbing the skin seems to make the process easier. 

In order to avoid cleaning up, you should use non-sterile disposable safety gloves or latex gloves as a preventive measure. 

What to Do When You Ingest Acrylic Paint?

If you ingest paint the size of a fingernail, you shouldn’t be concerned about it. Wash off the additional paint and drink some water. 

However, it’s ideal to monitor an individual who has ingested acrylic paint for a few hours to check for possible allergic reactions. 

Consuming acrylic paint is large amounts or getting in inside your eye can be quite dangerous. Hence, you should take that person to an emergency room or local healthcare professional. 


It is always a great idea to use eco-friendly wall paint when you plan to repaint your house. You can also use acrylic paint to get the job done. However, it is best to take all the necessary safety precautions in order to avoid mishaps. 

Braiding hair: How to make it step by step

We have been brave with French braids, stair braids, root braids or Dutch braids, but there are types of braids that we fight until now. This is a type of braid in which no hair will go out of control, a type of braid which until now has only worn men and women of color. If we refer to African braids it is also called. Today we will learn how to make braided hair step by step and hair style ideas. We will also find ways to protect hair before we start braiding, even if we plan to wear human braiding hair.

How to make braided hair step by step

Braids are a way to weave hair, we can do various types of braiding more or less complicated, and even though they look very difficult, it really is a repetitive motion. The problem is doing braids to other people is easy, the hard thing is doing it yourself. Now with this simple tutorial we will learn how to make braids to make hair styles with braided hair or African braids that cover the entire head.

We will learn how to do it step by step and how we should take care of our hair before we start braiding. Braided heads imply pressure on the hair; African women have hair structures that are more resistant to this type of hair style, so the rest must protect our hair to prevent it from suffering. If you have armed yourself with patience and practice making braids, you are ready to do it yourself at home.

Step One – Wash your hair

The main thing when filling your head with small braids is that your hair is clean, the need is because greasy or dusty hair will be much harder to braid, besides having more chances that the hair style will last less. With our regular shampoo, we will continue to wash our hair as usual.

After washing, we need to break it down to make it easier to braid, avoid tangle, so use conditioner according to your hair type. If our hair is brittle, smooth or dry, we recommend that you apply treatments that can moisturize and nourish hair.

Step Two – Dry and tangle your hair

To make this braid, the hair must be completely dry, so we can choose to dry the air, dry it with hot or cold air. After drying, you must release it thoroughly, without knots, because this can damage the beautiful head hairstyle. To do this task, we need to comb the teeth apart first and then the tooth comb.

Step Three – Splitting Hair

We already have our hair ready, now we start hairstyles. First, we will divide the hair into several sections, specifically into 4 large sections:

    Front left head area
    Front right front area
    Left head rear area
    Right back area of ​​the head

Step Four – Start braiding

The parts must be divided perfectly, it is best to help you with the comb so that the partition is defined. We will hold each part with tweezers, freeing the part where we will start braiding. We take the small strand from the first part, divide it into 3 other small strands and start braiding the strand from the root to the whole hair, when you get to the end of the strand, hold it with a rubber band.

Step Five – Repeat braiding

Now that we are done with the first key, we take the other one from the same part and operate in the same way. When we are done with the section, we will repeat the same steps in the next section. The key must have the same thickness or at least similar, so that it will look flat. Special attention must also be given to the tension placed on each strand, these must be strict but not excessive or they will tend to change shape.

Hairstyles with braided hair

Hairstyles with braided hair are true works of art, not only aesthetically beautiful but also practical. On the one hand it can last more than two months, everything will depend on the growth of your natural hair, and on the other hand they are braided hair that adapts perfectly to your day every day. So we can go to the gym using beautiful braided hair, like we can go to work or to an elegant party if we know how to combine it with matching makeup.

Braided hair glued together

This is a type of hairstyle that is braided with a specificity that the braids are really attached to the head. In this case, the braid starts by first working on the middle key, which is obtained by marking the line with the comb at the initial height of the right eyebrow and the other line at the beginning of the left eyebrow. The key between the two lines will be the key we use first. A very bold hair style but at the same time original and functional since the braids remain glued to the beginning of the neck.

Braided hair by volume

To do the type of hair style that is braided; we must pay attention to the damage that may be experienced by hair. Before making this type of braid, we recommend applying serum to the key that we will use, so we managed to keep the hair in perfect condition without damage, in addition to providing extra luster, as we can see in the image above. A hairstyle consisting of hundreds of braids of the same thickness, a type of hair style that provides controlled volume. Braided hair has many variants because we can make it create various types of hair styles, ranging from high pigtails to short or semi-short hair. In this case, we have chosen to decorate braids with a small ring.

Braided hair with a bow

In this hair style, volume is important. Before we start braiding hair, we must calculate the amount of hair we have and the quality. If we have very thin or thin hair, braided hair will add a little volume and might allow us to play more with shape.

Conversely, if we have strong or large hair, braids will allow us to play with volume, creating a hair style as we can see in the photo above. A bun made with braided hair, where different locks or braids play an important decorative role such as making it twist, creating chic lace. Hairstyles to attend important parties or awards ceremonies.

Braided hair in color

We know that wearing hair with different colors can be a risky bet and, above all, only suitable for very young girls. Nowadays we can use help to get hair that is braided in color, help that comes in the form of extensions. If we want to add colored braids to our braid, something special for a party or event, we can switch to our friend’s extension.

We just need to add these color or multicolored extensions and then process them by braiding them with a thickness similar to the one you are already wearing. In this way you can use different colors like violet, red, green or, as we have said, multicolors. Another option is to make braids mix extensions with natural hair strands, this way braids will be very attractive and you can also choose from a variety of colors, including red, pink, green, blue or white.

Finally, I hope this guide is useful. Good luck!

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