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Real talk: everyone looks better with a tan. @sunnygirlspraytanphx #Phoenix

If we’re being  honest, literally everyone looks better with a tan. Of course, there are boundaries where tasteful tan ends and Oompa Loompa begins. How to find the sweet spot without getting sun spots?

The answer lies in spray – but the right spray. Not all spray tans are created equal. Popular machine sprays can’t see your body, resulting in splotchy bits and odd coloration. And sometimes the pigment isn’t as natural looking, so unless you’re going for Carrot Top, it might not look too chic.

My favorite solution? An in-person custom spray tan. My girl Rhianna runs Sunny Girl Spray Tan Phoenix, where she sets up an individual booth and sprays you top to bottom herself. (yes, you get in your skivvies. I have no shame, so I stripped. We know each other well now.)

sunny girl spray tan

I’ve had in-person custom sprays before, and as you can imagine, the experience is as successful as your tan provider is skilled. MY SPRAY WAS GORGEOUS. Why can’t I look like that every day?

I wore a sticker (fightin’ Irish y’all) so you can see how white I was:

tanning sticker clover before after

Hit Rhianna up at Sunny Girl Spray Tan Phoenix for your own amazing glow! She does competition tans too!

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