Review Victorias Secret Very Sexy Face Illuminator Adriana Lima

Review: Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Face Illuminator

Review Victorias Secret Very Sexy Face Illuminator Adriana LimaI admit: I have a sick obsession with Victoria’s Secret. However, I rarely make it to the beauty side of the store. But when the Very Sexy line debuted, I was intrigued. It seemed more professional and high-end than Vicky’s previous sort of impulse-buy-with-your-panties makeup.

I tried the Very Sexy Face Illuminator in Glow, and I was impressed. It’s a light shimmer creme that’s about the texture of concealer. A perfect highlighter that complements best spread high on the cheekbones, it’s also excellent on the bridge and tip of your nose, apples of your cheeks, or the browbone. It definitely gives you a sun-kissed glow.

The only problem I experienced with this product was that when I was actually applying it, it felt gloopy and like I was using too much; but the glow is subtle enough that you can overestimate on the amount of product and not come out looking like a showgirl.

The verdict: 7/10! Not a beauty staple, but a great compliment to any collection and excellent for those natural-look days.


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