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Sassy Dove Got The 2015 One Lovely Blog Award!

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You know what’s even cooler than doing what you love for a living? When you get recognized for it. My Domestic Dish nominated me for the 2015 One Lovely Blog Award, and well if that doesn’t just make her the sweetest little peach this side o’ Georgia. (That was so Southern of me.)

 There are a few (3, to be exact) rules for the tasks I have to complete as part of this award:

– Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
– Share 7 things about yourself.
– Nominate 15 other bloggers and comment on their blogs to let them know.

Okay, seven things about me:

  1. I have the biggest appetite of any human being, ever. And I’m a 5’3″ female, so that’s not something many people would guess about me. If I didn’t have to limit myself, I would make like a fish and literally eat until I died.
  2. I am very Type B/creative/dreamer-y about most things, but one area where I’m not is being on time. I am obsessively on time or early for everything. I absolutely despise being late.
  3. Movies I know almost every line by heart to: Pulp Fiction, Swingers, Kill Bill Vol. 1 AND 2, Silence of the Lambs, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
  4. I have only ever met one person with the name Cailin who spelled it the way I did.
  5. If you ever call my hair “orange”, I will spend the rest of my day contemplating your demise.
  6. Katamari Damacy Prince TattooI have one tattoo; it’s on my right foot and it’s about a 5″ long drawing of the Prince from the videogame series Katamari Damacy. He is wearing headphones and a scarf. People often ask me what it means. It means absolutely nothing; I just liked the game. My tattoo artist put on Scott Pilgrim and I watched it in its entirety while getting the tat done, which actually made it kind of an enjoyable experience.
  7. I was a vegan for two years and ate zero animal products. Zero. The first non-vegan food I purposely ate was a bite of my coworker’s pepperoni calzone. People always ask me how I jumped right back into meat and why I didn’t start with just dairy first, but pepperoni was the thing I missed the most: more than ice cream, Snickers bars, and cheesecake all put together.

Now – MY nominees for the One Lovely Blog Award:

  1. From Conference Calls to Meatballs – my friend Stephanie’s got a seriously great blog with some amazing cocktail recipes in particular.
  2. Asha Butterflys – come to Asha for the latest and greatest in deals, giveaways and AZ local goodies!
  3. Shaping Up To Be a Mom – Megan is a mommy several times over who’s training for a marathon – mad respect, yo.
  4. The Chic Geek – I love being both geeky and pretty, and so does Kaley Ann at this awesome blog.
  5. Everything Pretty – Cari’s got spunk, and that’s one of the best traits a gal can have. Plus, she likes beauty stuff and writes some great DIYs.
  6. Busy Mama Reviews – Christina always seems to find the best giveaways around!
  7. Freelance Lady – this blog covers everything from beauty to blogging to DIY, and every post has something to learn.
  8. Parsimonious Pash – #ProTip: use the word “parsimonious” in your blog name and the linguaphile inside me will read forever. She writes some lovely hair articles too.
  9. The Unknown Beauty Blog – I discovered this doll on Twitter and fell in love awhile ago. Unknown? She shouldn’t be.
  10. Levinia’s Beauty Blog – I secretly wish I were from the UK, and so I stalk their beauty blogs. This is one of the loveliest, and her pictures are always incredible.
  11. 1337 Mando – did I mention I’m a sucker for my fellow nerd girls? Mandy’s got “1337” in her URL. If she ever works 1138 and 1701 in there somehow, I’ll have to come kidnap her and clone a nerd-girl army from her.
  12. The Lilac Scrapbook – Katy goes beyond the generic and I love her editorials because they’re genuinely thoughtful. Plus she’s pretty and stuff.
  13. Homegrown Families – as I mentioned above, I’m a former vegan, and I still love vegan food. That’s only the tip of the iceberg of what you can find on this posh-looking blog.
  14. Pass The Rouge – talk about lovely. This is one of those blogs that sucks you in with a beautiful design and keeps you there with great (beauty) content.
  15. Naturalle Drea – I love this gal’s blog; she always finds the best products I haven’t tried yet. Plus, I gotta support more natural-hair bloggers and women of color, because WAY too much beauty content is directed at fair skin.

Who do you think deserves a One Lovely Blog Award? Comment below and tell me. I’m so thankful to be a winner!

13 thoughts on “Sassy Dove Got The 2015 One Lovely Blog Award!

  1. You have a Katamari tattoo?!?!?! Naa na na na na na na na, na na na na na na, choom choom choom choom choom choom choom choom, naa… Royal Rainbow!! One summer we played this so much that I started to get the urge to “roll people up” with my car. We cut back…

  2. I wish my tattoo artist would play movies for me! I’m not so great with the whole “small talk” thing haha so it might be better than us chatting about his weirdest tattoo. Four words: Mustache. Rides. On Ladies. I’ll let your imagination run crazy with that 😉

    Thank you so much for a nom and for saying such sweet things!! I’ll have to think on my 15. This will be fun!

  3. Thank you for selecting me. I literally squealed reading you love my blog so much! Very few people know the word ‘parsimonious’ and I love that you appreciate the English language as much as I do!

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