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10 Skincare & Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

We all know how uncomfortable it can be to have an oily face. Especially when you just can’t stop sweating, or you’re wearing makeup, this becomes an annoyance. But you don’t have to let this narrate how you look and feel. Instead, you can take actions to get rid of the problematic oil. Continue reading 10 Skincare & Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

How Contextual Commerce Removes Barriers to Online Shopping for Makeup

Success in ecommerce is all about eliminating the pesky hurdles standing between shoppers and the products they want. Sellers know their marketing and social media efforts are only worthwhile if customers can quickly and conveniently buy the products they see. The clunkier the checkout process, the higher the chance of buyers bailing before completion.

This is precisely why contextual ecommerce removes barriers to online shopping for the makeup industry. In a world where every sale matters, ecommerce entrepreneurs who are ahead of the curve can eliminate hiccups in the purchasing process to encourage conversions.

Essentially, online cosmetics stores are striving to achieve frictionless commerce however they can. When a customer decides they want to buy a new eye shadow palette or beauty blender on the go, the last thing they want is to engage in a complicated process on their mobile phones. As Marketing Land writes, many sites require online users to first get to the seller’s website, then register. But that’s not the end of the line, because users often have to complete several more steps even after signing in or registering their personal information. This often translates into abandoned shopping carts because it tends to frustrate or confuse potential customers.

Any discussion about frictionless ecommerce must address these challenges and aim to smooth them out for an improved customer experience. In the simplest sense, contextual commerce “means meeting consumers where they have the most interest and intent to purchase, with the easiest checkout experience possible.” Instead of treating social media as promotional, content as informative and your website as sales-based, it’s entirely possible to streamline all these areas into one seamless shopping experience.

Continue reading How Contextual Commerce Removes Barriers to Online Shopping for Makeup

Miley Cyrus’ Most (In)famous MTV VMA Awards Looks

As everyone gears up for the 2015 VMAs (and MTV preps for Miley’s hosting by putting the show on a delay – smart), we can’t help but remember some of Miley’s most famous — and infamous — VMA hair, makeup, fashion & beauty moments of the past.

Of course, we’re the superficial types here, so we don’t care what she did, said or sung – only what she looked like:  Continue reading Miley Cyrus’ Most (In)famous MTV VMA Awards Looks

The First Annual Sassies: Awards For Blogging Women

Wanna know the most wonderful thing about the modern state of the Internet? That almost everyone in the world has the ability to publish and create awesome content. We find so many amazing blog posts every day to read, enjoy, and learn from that are written by women from around the world.

Wanna know the least wonderful thing? That all this amazing talent goes largely undiscovered because there’s just so much of it. Continue reading The First Annual Sassies: Awards For Blogging Women

Win $392 Worth of Ariane Poole Makeup!

If you’ve never heard of Ariane Poole, now’s a great time to listen up. The brand is big in the UK and known for being some seriously high-quality stuff. But if you’re hesitant to try something new, why not just get nearly$400 of it for free to give it a shot?

That’s right, kids – right now, Ariane Poole is giving away £250 worth of their amazing makeup line. (That works out to about $392 worth of goods to us Yanks.) And if you haven’t tried the line before, I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s what you’ll snag in detail: Continue reading Win $392 Worth of Ariane Poole Makeup!