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The First Annual Sassies: Awards For Blogging Women

Sassies Blogger Awards Feature

Wanna know the most wonderful thing about the modern state of the Internet? That almost everyone in the world has the ability to publish and create awesome content. We find so many amazing blog posts every day to read, enjoy, and learn from that are written by women from around the world.

Wanna know the least wonderful thing? That all this amazing talent goes largely undiscovered because there’s just so much of it.

Sassy Dove Blogger Awards For Women Glittery GoldWith that in mind, we’ve created the official Sassy Dove Awards for Excellence in Blogging Women, which we’ll be referring to as The SASSIES. The Sassies are meant to recognize incredible (female) bloggers the world over who don’t get the attention they deserve.

Of course, they wouldn’t be MY awards if they didn’t center around 1) blogs written by women and 2) MY favorite categories. With that in mind, in order to qualify for a Sassy award, the blog must be written by a woman.

Nominations are done on a post-by-post basis; submit a link to an individual post that you feel deserves a nomination in each of the below eight categories:

  1. The best posts about HAIR
  2. The best posts about MAKEUP
  3. The best posts about SKINCARE
  4. Posts with the most beautiful (original) IMAGES
  5. The best posts about FOOD
  6. The best posts about DECORATING
  7. The best posts about FASHION
  8. The best posts about being a WOMAN

Up to five winners will be chosen for each category. Remember, female bloggers only! Winners will receive a personalized award badge for their blog, a link and blurb on the awards announcement, and a social media shoutout on both Twitter and Facebook to our 18,000+ fans. 

Got someone you know should win, or a fabulous post? Submit a link to their post in the comments below, tell me what category you’re nominating them for, and let’s kick off the FIRST ANNUAL SASSY AWARDS! A final nomination list will be announced soon – I can’t wait to see who makes the cut!

5 thoughts on “The First Annual Sassies: Awards For Blogging Women

  1. This is a really cool idea for an Award. I really like YOUR blog and YOUR posts but I guess you cant be nominated 🙂 I will find some good ones who deserve it and report back!!!

    1. Nope! Nominate away! That’s why I did it on a per-post basis: the content will speak for itself, so no conflict of interest should apply. 🙂

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