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Sassy Dove is on Vine!

I know the rest of the free world is already filled with Vine users, but up until recently I wasn’t one of them. Now I’m a bit of an addict… But it took some force to get me there.

This particular force was inflicted by Asha Butterflys, who attended my #SassyGlam house party and witnessed what happens when Cailin has too many cocktails.

Of course, she shared some of this event with the world via the wonder that is Vine:

Um. Yeah.

So rather than murdering her for this outright breach of Girl Code, I had a laugh and decided to join in the fun myself. (After all, how else will I get her back at the next party?)

So join us on Vine (and make sure to follow me!) for beauty, fashion, food, and sassy fun:

Comment below with your Vine profile link and let’s follow each other!

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