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Sexy Sleek Hairstyle + Rose Gold Styling Tools #PMBigNightOut

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Paul Mitchell Rose Gold Smoothing Iron Sculpting Brush Review You're Golden

I have a mild obsession with rose gold, fruity girl drinks, and beauty products. (Girls who are with me, say hey-oh!)

So when I (being a #PMInsider and all) got the Paul Mitchell limited edition You’re Golden Express Ion Smooth+ rose gold smoothing iron and sculpting brush, my face basically did this:

meme face

Technically, this product came out as part of Paul Mitchell’s Big Night Out, but my very first thought was that it would help me create the perfect hairstyle for my big night in: my girls-only #SassyGlam House Party. (Spoiler: it was every bit as epic as I imagined it, evidenced by a regrettable Vine).

Paul Mitchell - before my sleek hairstyle - messy bessy
Before – messy bessy.

My hair by nature tends to lean toward the “disheveled” direction. In fact, it seems that no matter what I do, I still end up looking less Charlotte York and more boho-chic. Photo evidence to the left.

However,  I was determined to end up with a sleek, sexy, put-together-looking ‘do to accompany my strapless black Express dress.

Here’s how to achieve the look:

  1. Paul Mitchell Sleek Smooth Straight Hair Rose Gold IronClean your hair so you don’t smell. Smell does not equal sexy.
  2. Then while it’s damp, apply Paul Mitchell Quick Slip (AKA my new favorite thing ever.), starting at the ends and working your way up.
  3. Apply Paul Mitchell Seal & Shine throughout damp hair too. You need that thermal protection, baby!
  4. Blow dry your hair upside down, combing straight with a wide tooth comb.
  5. Paul Mitchell Sleek Smooth Straight Hairstyle Rose Gold IronFlat iron with the Express Ion Smooth+ iron in 1″ sections, clipping them loosely to the top of your head as you finish each one.
  6. #prohack bonus tip: do a cool blast at the end with your blow dryer on the lowest setting. (Keep it far enough away from your head to not wiggle your style too much.) It’ll help lock in the heat style so it holds in your hair all night without frizz (though the iron’s negative ions control static better than any other tool I’ve ever tried).
  7. Paul Mitchell Sleek Smooth Straight Hairstyle Rose Gold Sculpting Brush ReviewDon’t forget to smooth out as needed with the rose gold Sculpting Brush. Honestly, I just like looking at it.

Here’s the ultra-sleek outcome – I was pretty stoked by how frizz-free it was and how soft and smooth my hair was:

Paul Mitchell Big Night Out Sleek Hairstyle After Express Ion Smooth Redhead

Eh? Whaddya think? Here’s how it looked in action at the beginning of the event:

SassyGlam Party Hairstyles Bloggers Event

And while I wasn’t very photo-worthy at the end of the event (ahem – see aforementioned Vine),  my hair actually held up nicely.

I got my Big Night Out pack as part of the #PMInsider program, but you need to grab one of these rose gold beauties while you can – when they say limited edition, they mean it!

What’s your go-to “night out” hairstyle?

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