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15 Wedding Photography Ideas

Your wedding photographer definitely has many creative photo ideas to offer, but it’s also important for you to understand what you want to get as a result and how to achieve it. Look though this list of 15 original and traditional wedding photo ideas that can be helpful, so read them attentively and decide what can suit your wedding photoshoot.

  1. Use Rings as a Prop
Pair of Wedding Rings in a Rose, Close Up.

This photo is a wedding album’s classic but we’d recommend adding a bit of creativity to such shoots instead of photographing them simply lying on a table, cushion or in the box. So, how to make these images look interesting? One of the best wedding photography ideas with rings is to take a close-up picture of a couple wearing their rings and holding hands. It doesn’t only look beautiful, but also has a symbolic meaning of two people going through life hand in hand. Focusing on the hands, you should keep background blurred. Use flowers, cloth, unusual objects or string to make your wedding rings levitate.

  1. Photograph Large Windows

Bride and flower girl bridesmaid by window

Having a big window at the wedding venue is always a nice advantage. There are many creative wedding photo ideas you can try when playing with natural light and shadows. Don’t forget about wedding photo retouching as natural window light causes much shadows and can make your photos overexposed. Even if the lighting isn’t sufficient, you can still get an atmospheric shot. A beautiful window can be used at any stage of the wedding photo session. For example, a boudoir photo with a bride posing near a big window in her bedroom looks wonderful. Vintage widows of old and stylized buildings bring a special mood to such pictures. If you do not have a suitable option – you can always use a large window in the restaurant where you will celebrate your wedding.

  1. Use a Staircase for Movie-Like Photos

It would be a great mistake not to use a staircase, if there is any at the shooting location. Use a staircase as a background to bring some dimension and patterns to your images. Try to recreate the incredible moments from your favorite movies, for example, Titanic. Do not use standard poses in this case as the classic photo will look too boring. Try to stand at a different level from each other or let the bride turn her back so that you can see in detail the train of her dress and a beautiful veil. Such interesting locations call for unique poses.

  1. Fashionable Auto

Wedding car to rent classic

Depending on the mood you want to have in your wedding pictures, you can either sit on the hood, get on the roof of a car or sit at the backseat and dreamily talk. This variant of wedding photography ideas is perfect for destination weddings, for example, in Cuba. It is an easy task to find a beautiful, vintage car in such a place. This idea will appeal to those, who love interesting and unusual solutions, as well as those, who plan a wedding in the retro style. In addition, you can ride a car and a photographer will take lifestyle photos. Use these helpful wedding photography tips to make the process even more enjoyable.

  1. Add Balloons into the Composition

Hot air balloons on wedding day

Not only kids but adults as well like playing with balloons, so why not add them to a wedding picture composition? Such colorful elements will be of great help if you think about fun wedding photo ideas and want to make shots livelier. Balloons are rather a budget-friendly prop that allows a variety of poses, especially group ones. In addition, this is a great opportunity to show bright colors in your photos or complement the general color theme of your wedding, so that pictures look incredibly stylish and professional.

  1. Try Vintage Style
Beautiful vintage bridal wedding style
Newlywed couple standing next to a blue retro wooden door, holding a sunflower wedding bouquet and looking at each other

Wedding photographers like taking vintage-style photos, as they always have a peculiar charm. Would you like to add this mood to your images? If yes, you can experiment with many wedding picture ideas, try various attire, hairdo, make-up and include thematic accessories and props typical for that epoch. An antique tea table with carved ornaments, vintage cups and spoons, small pocket mirrors and other old-fashioned items can help you set in the right mood. If you don’t have appropriate props, you can take your modern furniture and give it a vintage look, decorating it with flowers and laces. When it comes to clothes, ask groomsmen to wear vests and have classic pocket-watches. Bridesmaids can bring parasols and use vintage hair accessories.

  1. Night Photo Session

It is one of the most romantic bridal picture ideas, especially if the wedding is organized in a picturesque place or is close to the ocean. You can add small lamps and fairy lights for a magical feel. Ask your photographer to set up the camera so that the stars are clearly visible.

  1. Pose Together with Cutie Pets

If you have a pet (be it a cat, a dog, a hamster, a rabbit, or even a goat), you may want to have several photos posing with your little friend. There are many wedding photography ideas you can try to show how meaningful this pet is. Of course, you should mind its mood and whether animals are allowed at the venue. Many couples like having their pets at the engagement ceremony and reception. If it isn’t possible in your case, you can organize a shooting with your animal several weeks before the official wedding or during the preparation tasks. Whatever decision to make, your vendors should know about such kind of photos and make the location absolutely comfortable for your furry companion.

  1. Yacht Photo Session
Yacht boat wedding
Happy bride and groom hugging on a yacht

Have an opportunity to rent a yacht? Do it and take some pictures in the Titanic style, staying together at the nose of the yacht at the sunset/sunrise. This is an ideal option if you have a sea-style wedding and if your photographer offers drone services, so the shooting will be a breeze. However, you need to wait for good weather. Download one of these wedding photographer apps to monitor perfect weather conditions and sun light.

  1. Add Sparklers to Your Photos

Sparklers are a successful choice for wedding photography. They bring additional light, a certain magical atmosphere to the shots. Photographers like using sparklers for an evening photo session as there are subtle silhouettes that look truly beautiful. You can use sparklers to write or draw something in the air. To capture these trails, shooters need long shutter speed. Such a prop helps realize the most unusual wedding photography ideas and always bring gorgeous results.

  1. Give Preference to Natural Backgrounds

Beautiful outdoor wedding bridal estate castle ireland

Having a photo session outdoors, you can realize different wedding photo ideas without big expenses since the most admirable background you can imagine is around you. Nature offers so many astonishing views that you don’t need additional decorations to make viewers adore your pictures. Check the photo above. It looks so romantic and tender thanks to a beautiful natural landscape. The classic variant of natural background wedding photos is beaches. To feel more relaxed, we recommend choosing deserted places. Many couples plan a wedding by the sea on purpose to enjoy beautiful views and take incredible photos. But don’t forget about wind and stray hair!

  1. Try Wedding Drone Photography

Wedding on Irish cliffs sweaters cold travel destination bridal

It is quite easy to differentiate breathtaking pictures taken on a drone and those you get, shooting with a camera, so no surprise aerial photography attracts more and more couples today. This is a perfect way to capture each moment, for instance, exchanging vows or the first dance, from all possible angles. Besides, this approach helps include the wedding venue and premises into the frame. Moreover, you get more chances to realize group wedding picture ideas at a professional level with all people in frame.

  1. Brides + Wedding Accessories

There are lots of tiny wedding details you should pay attention to while taking pictures. Photographing bride’s and bridesmaids’ bouquet and floral bracelets is a good idea. Typically, these photos are very beautiful from a stylistic point of view, because the bridesmaids wear the same-color clothes, which is most often in harmony with the main color of the wedding.

  1. Romeo and Juliet
Beautiful bridal couple wedding engagement photos
bride and groom look at each other on their wedding day

You mayneed additional lighting shooting on a balcony, so take care of it in advance. However, this photo will look great in daylight, especially if the balcony is old and decorated with flowers. In this case, I recommend using classic wedding photos poses in order not to overload the frame.

  1. Water Splashes

Having a ride in a boat on a sunny day allows bringing to life many fun wedding photo ideas. Splash water to add a bit of dynamics to a picture.


People evaluate photographer’s professionalism by how easily he/she realizes even the boldest wedding photography ideas and manages to capture all important moments: newlyweds holding hands, parents crying with joy, the first kiss, joyful atmosphere on the dance floor, etc. Sincere emotions are the thing that plays the most significant role. Catch the proper moment, use the ideas described above and you’ll succeed!

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