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7 styles of Sherwanis for grooms: choose your style and rock your wedding


The wedding outfit for a groom is Sherwani. Any groom on his wedding day wears a Sherwani and there are many types of it. Many people don’t know what a particular Sherwani is called and when they go to the market to buy Groom Wear in noida or any place, or take it for on-rent they don’t know what it is called. When customers don’t know the particular Sherwani’s name, they confuse the shop owners too. So provided you don’t get confused while buying a Sherwani, we are going to tell you about all types of Sherwanis. 

Chipkan Style Sherwani


This is the Sherwani look you need if you want to look royal like all rajas and maharajas. It is inspired from Mughal era and when you wear it you feel totally like royalty. These days mostly all grooms, you can see them wearing this Sherwani. There are so many variations in it that you can buy. Enhancing with royal accessories you can entirely glam up your look more. And when you walk in the bride’s home, all the bridesmaids complimenting the bride for you and drooling for you. 

Indo-Western Sherwani

As its name suggests, it is the fusion of Indian and western style. Perhaps we can call it Indian western style rather than total western style. It has the feel of a contemporary traditional style with a little bit of modern style. When you wear it you feel like you have worn a coat, a long one. This is also popular among grooms especially when you don’t have to sit on a mare. These days many grooms don’t prefer to sit on mares. That’s why they go for this type of Sherwani. 

Achkan style Sherwani

This is the most popular and normally worn Trending Sherwani on the wedding day by grooms. Achkan style is like a long overcoat, simply elegant and decorated with designers’ buttons and beads. There are a number of variations come into it that you can buy or want to take on rent. You can pair it up with a designer’s pajamas. Some modern, quirky and experimental grooms even have tried to wear jeans with it. 

Angrakha Sherwani 

Angrakha sherwani

This style of Sherwani is mostly popular in Maharastra and some parts of Rajasthan. This Sherwani has a deep cleavage and in style, it is a little bit longer. Embroidered and simple both styles are popular in it. And it especially suits those grooms who have a well-structured physique that embosses the Angrakha Sherwani. 

Printed modern Sherwani

Prints sherwanis are in demand too, where floral prints are in high demand. In printed styles, one can find different varieties in different colors. Floral printed sherwanis look more dapper and stylish and also easy to carry. In a printed modern style sherwani you can sit and dance comfortably rather than other sherwanis mentioned above. 

Pakistani Sherwani

Pakistani sherwanis are designed more and mostly worn with churidar pajamas or with breeches. This sherwani has entered into Indian weddings many years ago. They are perfectly fitted and the fabric of it is crunchy and heavy too. In summer it can give you fire!

Jodhpuri Sherwani 

In Rajasthan when anywhere weddings take place, grooms can be mostly seen in Jodhpuri Sherwani, another royal style that can give a huge competition to other royal styles. Jodhpuri suits for men are also popular around the world too, the round collar coat. Heavily embroidered or simple, any style you can choose for your wedding. 

These are all the styles of Sherwanis that you can choose for your wedding, any one. All sherwani styles are popular. Though it depends on you which style you prefer!

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