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Anaiti Advanced Neck & Decollete Cream Review [VIDEO]

anaiti neck creme review


There are very few sexier areas on a woman’s body than the decolletage. (For those of you who don’t speak French [hmph! Plebeians…], that’s the upper part of a woman’s torso comprising her neck, shoulders, back and chest that is exposed by the neckline of her clothing.)

Unfortunately, this area can also betray your age, as it’s prone to wrinkles like your face but often ignored in our skincare routine.

I love wearing halters, strapless, cowlnecks and camis to show off that collarbone – but I’ll love it less if it’s all withered and witchlike. As such, I gave Anaiti Advanced Neck and Decollete Cream a shot to aid in fixing up my turkey neck. Gobble, gobble…

anaiti neck creme review

What makes this cream any different from the millions of others I’ve tried? In a word, skin science. (Okay, two words.) There are two powerhouse ingredients in this cream that provide visible results within minutes:

  • Matrixyl: this stuff is the FUTURE. University of Reading recently determined that using Matrixyl doubles the skin’s collagen production. Other studies show that Matrixyl reduces wrinkle depth by as much as 68%! Plus, it not only provides long-term results, but will offer an immediate smoothing and tightening effect. Apply before going out and when you get home too.
  • Sesaflash: a deep moisturizer created from the natural extraction of sesame seeds. It’s also an excellent skin firmer that smooths wrinkles and creates younger-looking neck and chest skin. Studies have shown visible results with Sesaflash in minutes.

I love that this product works both for long-term results and short-term ones. I’m not embarrassed to say its use has spread beyond my decolletage and makes its way to my face and more. Wherever I want a little tightening, I use this bad boy. It’s incredible.

Check out my video about the product here:

The cream is currently $46 on Amazon – that’s 58% off regular list price, and for the advanced level of skinceuticals you get in it, I’d say it’s highly worth it. (Of course, I got it free ’cause I’m special.)

Are you noticing aging in your decolletage yet? What are you doing about it?

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  1. I have been using the Made from Earth Olive Night Cream on my neck & decollete area and I have noticed that the lines on my neck seem less noticeable and the skin tone on my neck & decollete area is more even.

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