Old World Map Wall Art Feature

Beautiful Walls With Traditional Artwork

We like to beautify lots of things here on Sassy Dove: dorms, lips, eyes, and even the walls of our humble abode. I have been trying to update my wall art selection, since my current combination of hip prints of records from Urban Outfitters and inherited flower art from my parents’ garage doesn’t exactly make my place look very curated.

I used to be very modern, but have since fallen in love with more traditional art. Fulcrum Gallery has a great selection of it, and they sent me this lovely framed World Map print:



Since I’m totally digging Old World, steampunk-y elements like maps, globes, compasses, keys, and all things textured and bronze, this worked perfectly in my warm colored foyer. The frame was beautiful and gave it some nice added size too. Now there was just the trouble of hanging it.

Luckily, I was surprised and delighted when I opened the box and it came with a French cleat that ensured I’d have a simple and safe hanging job. Score! Check out the finished product:

Old World Map Wall Art


What’s your wall decor like?


Thanks to Fulcrum Gallery for supplying the art piece discussed in this post. 

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