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Beauty, Defined: Acai

Acai Berry For Beauty Tips feature

Acai Berry For Beauty Tipsa·cai(ah-SIGH) n. A berry harvested from an Amazon palm tree in the rainforests of Brazil, rich in antioxidants, amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Ladies, if you haven’t begun eating this fruit and using it in your beauty routine, listen up. Here are some of the amazing goodies açaí pulp contains:

  • A high concentration of antioxidants to combat premature aging; acai boasts ten times the antioxidants in red grapes and up to thirty times the anthocyanins of red wine.
  • A combination of monounsaturated (healthy) fats, dietary fiber and phytosterols to help promote cardiovascular and digestive health.

The fatty acid content in açaí is rich in monounsaturated oleic acid. Oleic acid is important because it helps omega-3 fish oils penetrate the cell membrane; this helps to make cell membranes more supple, which helps all hormones, neurotransmitters and insulin receptors function better. This is particularly important because high insulin levels create an inflammatory state, and inflammation increases the signs of aging. (Nooo!)

Products to Try with Acai (I love rhyming):

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