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Let Me Blow Ya Mind With These DIY Blowout Hacks


Dude, my hair blows. At least once a day it does – I’m a blowdry addict.

If you’re longing to recreate that perfect blowout you get at the dry bar, follow the below tips:

  • T-dry (and by T, we don’t mean “towel”). Towels are, like, all rough ‘n bumpy. Not friendly for even the remotely curly or anyone who wants to avoid frizz. So skip the towel and dry with a smooth T-shirt instead for a sleeker finish.
  • Get primed and ready. Have you heard of blowdry primer? It’s totes a thing, and it can save your hair from serious blowdrying damage. Try Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Primer from Redken for heat protection up to 450 degrees.
  • blow-dry-hair-beautiful-blonde-robe-attachmentDo it outside — and upside down. If your bathroom gets all steamed up after the shower, it’s not best to dry in there – that excess humidity could put a damper (emphasis on “damp”) on your fab style. And surely you’ve heard of flipping upside down to dry; do it to roots and come back up while you’re still slightly damp. It’ll do the trick without making you feel sick.
  • Get sectioned. Putting hair in sections will avoid windblown tangles and allow each section to dry more efficiently, meaning you won’t overdry and damage some of your hair.
  • Cool it down. See that lil’ cool blast button? He’s your best friend in setting your style and preventing frizz. Never, ever finish a blow dry without hitting the cool blast!
  • Make your blow job last. It’s awful to work so hard on your hair only to have it ruined the next day – so don’t. Use an extender like Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Two Day Extender to squeeze more life out of that hard earned style. (Bonus: it says it’s unisex… for girls AND boys. Mee-ow.)

What are your go-to home blowout tips, tricks and products?

Some products mentioned in this post were provided free of charge.

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