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Best of Dove Beauty Products


Since we’re Sassy Dove and we’re beauty people, lots of readers ask us if we’re related to the brand Dove. And while we don’t have a professional affiliation, I’m a casual fan for sure.

Here are the top Dove beauty products, including some of their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Dove beauty bars (aka: soap). I haven’t been big on bar soap since I discovered jasmine-scented body wash, but these are award-winning for a reason. The White Beauty Bar won Allure Best of Beauty in 2013 among others, while the Sensitive Skin and goFresh Restore bars each won Total Beauty awards in 2014. They’re gentle, creamy and moisturizing, and great at the sink or in the shower.
  • Dove body wash. Dove has a lot of great body washes and they’re fabulous for similar reasons to why their beauty bars are fab, but the standout best is definitely the Deep Moisture Wash (a 2014 InStyle Best Beauty Buy and a recent Allure Beauty Award winner for Best Body Wash). NutriumMoisture makes a huge difference in feeling smooth and soft hours later. My personal favorite is the Purely Pampering Pistachio Cream with Magnolia Body Wash – the scent is divine.
  • Dove shampoo. Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo is wonderfully volumizing and a Health Beauty Award winner, but choose Color Care instead if your hair is thirsty and color-treated (like most of us).
  • Dove deodorant. Ooooohhh em gee my absolute favorite. You literally can’t go wrong with any of their Dove Advanced Care deodorants (they’re all award-winning), but my favorite is the one with the shea butter. My underarms feel so much softer since I began using it!

What are your favorite Dove products?

5 thoughts on “Best of Dove Beauty Products

  1. I personally love dove products for my sensitive skin. They’re the best thing you can get at a regular store without going to the health food store.

  2. In 1986, at the age of seven, I was diagnosed with severe dry skin. My dermatologist then recommended to start using Dove soap. Thirtyone years later, I faithfully use Dove everyday. The Dove brand will always be my number one choice in skincare. Thank you Dove for creating such wonderful products. I receive compliments on my skin all the time & i know it has a lot to do with Dove.

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