Copy Blair Waldorf’s Exact Dresses and Outfits from Gossip Girl

Our favorite TV shows no longer die; in the Netflix age, they simply go to Bingewatching Heaven. My latest guilty pleasure to binge is Gossip Girl, and it’s totes got me throwing back to the late ’00s.

Of course, Queen Bee Blair Waldorf rules the school, and her fashion choices in Gossip Girl border on iconic (though not so intensely as her Givenchy-gilded idol Holly Golightly). Here are some of her exact fashions you can copy right the eff now (fair warning – spoilers if you’re like five years behind on your DVR):

Blair-Waldorf-Gossip-Girl-Clothes-Dress-White-PartyBlair’s Marc by Marc Jacobs minidress from the White Party (Season 2)

One of her sexier moments, this dress still embodies Blair’s ultrafeminine style with its bow and lace scallop.

A Blair Waldorf White Party dress dupe is available for $49, or get the exact Marc by Marc Jacobs dress on Poshmark. Check out this pic gallery to see what it looked like on the runway!

Blair’s Season 2 Finale Rope Headband

s-l500 (1)

This gold rope band brought Mr. Bass to his knees in the street, so you know it’s something. You can buy a nearly exact duplicate of her Season 2 finale gold rope headband (seen above) for $9ish on eBay. That’s a pretty big discount from the original Jennifer Behr version ($225).

Blair in Nanette Lepore Smoke Pave Diamond Dress


This cute tube features a bow, polka dots and a ruffle hem – how much more Blair can you get? (eBay, $50)

Blair-Waldorf-Gossip-Girl-Clothes-Dress-Milly-Sheath-SilverBlair’s Milly Sheath Black Silver Bow Dress

Blair wears this elegant dress in Season 2. It’s a mini, but it would work well full length too in my opinion. (eBay, $130)

Weird trivia: Georgina (blechhhhh) is also spotted in a Milly sheath this season! Stealing from Blair’s closet, perhaps?

Blair-Waldorf-Gossip-Girl-Clothes-Dress-Bensoni-Black-Gray-LaceBensoni Black Lace-Print Wrap Dress (Season 4 Episode 9, “The Witches of Bushwick”)

One of my favorite Blair-Waldorf-is-maturing looks. Get it for a measly $499 on eBay. (Hey, it isn’t easy or cheap being a Waldorf. I hear the necklace is a Swarovski to boot…)

Blair’s DVF Mohair Sweater (Season 5 Episode 10, “Riding in Town Cars With Boys”)Blair-Waldorf-Gossip-Girl-Clothes-DVF-Mohair-Sweater-Diane-Von-Furstenberg-Season-5

Who could forget the jacket Dan led a blindfolded Blair in? This lush mohair piece from Diane Von Furstenberg is making me sad House of DVF is over again. (eBay, $150)

What did we miss? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll do our best to find it for you!

P.S. I spent like two hours looking for a knockoff of that epic Marchesa prom dress from Season 2, but I couldn’t find one for you (or me). I’m still in mourning.

P.P.S. I see Blair’s style as highly separate from Leighton Meester’s, so I don’t intermingle what she wears in real life with the Blair stuff. Just my opinion.

2 thoughts on “Copy Blair Waldorf’s Exact Dresses and Outfits from Gossip Girl”

  1. I worship Blair’s style. She always looked so perfect on the show. I would take every single one of her headbands!
    This list could use more blazers, blouses, shoes, etc. But I love it as is!

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