Eye Makeup Review: Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Eyeshadow

Eye Makeup Review Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects EyeshadowSpoiler alert: I love these shadows! I got this Lancome eyeshadow palette as a gift with purchase with the shades Latte (off-white), Suntouched (beige-gold), Designer (shiny olive green) and Lezard (deep brown). The Latte and Lezard are matte, while Suntouched and Designer are shimmery (they call the Designer shade metallic).

These eyeshadows feel silky and luxe to apply, and actually stay in place, unlike the wealth of drugstore shadows scattered throughout my giant makeup case. There are tons of shades to choose from, too! They blend easily, have rich, intense color, and don’t bunch up in your crease. In fact, this might be my new favorite eyeshadow. *hides from the MAC gods who are no doubt throwing down lightning bolts*

The only problem I have is the price – $17 for one shade is pretty steep. (Not like MAC’s any cheaper…please forgive me, MAC! I still love you!) Man, I’m getting spoiled by this department store schwag. Will Maybelline ever be the same for me again?

The verdict: 10/10! I might just become a Lancome girl.

You’ll love it if: You have $17 to throw down on one eyeshadow shade.
You’ll hate it if: You don’t.

Lancome Color Design Sensational Effects Eyeshadow sells at Amazon.com for $14.50. (I guess they price it down two bucks because of shipping? /shrug)

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