Lipgloss Reviews: Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

Lipgloss Reviews Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss Adriana LimaDefinitive proof that Vicky’s isn’t always overpriced: I got the Beauty Rush lip gloss AND a racerback shirt proclaiming “Delicious” that Britney Spears was once seen wearing as a GWP. (That’s a gift with purchase for those of you who aren’t obsessed with throwing away all of your disposable income.) Okay, Britney was bald at the time, but it’s still like vicarious star power in my opinion.

This gloss is exactly what you’ll expect when you see the tube: thick, mildly tasty, shiny, and so-light-I’m-not-even-a-color pink. Being your traditional gooey formula, it possesses the age-old gloss downfalls. Most noticeably, it spreads like mononucleosis at a Demi Lovato concert – you will undoubtedly need a Q-tip/tissue/bath towel to clean the edges of your mouth after applying. Additionally, “sticky” doesn’t come close to describing it – I do not suggest skimping on the lipliner. Still, this gloss gives a classic, youthful shine, and the wide range of colors manage to stay flattering to most everybody. (I got mine in Passion Fruit Pop, FYI.) It’s exactly what you’re looking for when you buy it (or get it as a spiff like me!)

The verdict: 5/10 stars – it’s got its downsides, but this lip gloss is doable for everyday wear.

If you can’t find it for free like moi, count yourself lucky that VS’s website offers 3 glosses for $15!

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  1. I actually love this gloss! i buy a new shade almost every time im in VS. Of course my Angels card keeps going up! haha

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