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Face Makeup Review: CoverGirl Clean Makeup Liquid Foundation

Covergirl Clean_Liquid_Makeup Review

Covergirl Clean_Liquid_Makeup ReviewI don’t mean to whine, but remember those filmy Covergirl foundations I mentioned before? Cover Girl Clean Makeup Oil Control Liquid Foundation is exactly I’m talking about. This product provides less coverage than most concealers, let alone foundations. The watery formula doesn’t even blend well!

On the (extremely nominal nearing nonexistent) plus side, this foundation feels silky when used and it might make a decent concealer – it’s so thin you could easily make the color work even if you had the wrong shade. (I bought Classic Ivory #510.) Greeeeat. Now I have emergency issue concealer. If I’m ever trapped in some region where I don’t have access to a CVS or three dollars, I know I can count on Covergirl to kind of maybe halfway take care of my blemishes.

From the Cover Girl signature twist-top wannabe-glass bottle to the substandard quality and even the lukewarm outdated marketing, everything about this product seems cheap.

The verdict: 1/10… sorry Covergirl, it is what it is. 

You’ll love it if: You’re trapped in some region where you don’t have access to a CVS or three dollars. Well, maybe not love.

You’ll hate it if: You have taste.

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3 thoughts on “Face Makeup Review: CoverGirl Clean Makeup Liquid Foundation

  1. LOL this review cracked me up. I seriously hate this foundation though and wonder how it is still being sold?! It is THE WORST. EVER.

    ❤️, brittney @ true vintage love

  2. I actually like the Clean Makeup. I guess you wouldn’t like it if you have a lot of things to hide but it covers just fine for me. Maybe if CoverGirl charged $50 for it, you’d like it more. I’d love to see a blind test done on some of these people.

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