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#Wantable January 2015 Makeup Collection [VIDEO]

Wantable Makeup January 2015 Collection Feature 2Wantable Makeup January 2015 Collection Feature 2

Things I love: makeup, a nice Rosé, and surprises. Well, two outta three ain’t bad, and that’s what the good folks at Wantable sent me in the mail this week. I picked up the mail on the run so I had to do a quick-and-dirty opening in the car, but here’s a jazzier showcase of me sampling all my goodies:

Thanks to my cat Stinker for guest-starring in the entire video!

Style notes –
Cropped cardigan – White House/Black Market
Cutout two-tone dress – GUESS Factory
Elasticized rose gold metal bracelets – H&M
HAIR: Curled ends and a single bobby pin!

I was pretty stoked by this collection. I love Three Custom Color, and I’d never tried Bodyography before but this is my new waterline go-to eyeliner pencil. The lipliner didn’t wow me as much – the color was a bit too mauve-y for me – but Wantable has a great return policy and you can send back whatever you don’t like.

Wantable Makeup January 2015 Collection Feature

I’d love to try the Wantable accessories and fitness collections as well, and it’s cool that they’re customized to your tastes. Check them out – at $40 for the first month and $36 thereafter, it’s a great deal as these things go.

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    1. Lily – it is, but since it’s creme-based, it doesn’t flake off like powder and it’s super smooth. I absolutely LOVE it. Thanks for reading!

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